Lululemon Love

21 Jul

Haven’t you ever wanted to vent just a little bit about what precisely needs to be different about that tank top to make it perfect, or what needs to be changed on those pants to justify spending big bucks on them? Have you ever had the urge to sit down with a clothing designer and tell them exactly what you wanted from your yoga gear to make your practice all that much more comfortable? Me too.

Last night I was invited to be a part of a small panel of teachers to meet with a representative from the Lululemon Lab, and the managers of Lululemon, Walnut Creek. (Say that 10 times fast!) We met at The Studio, in Danville and chatted about yoga wear. Imagine that, a clothing company that wants to know what we – the yoga practitioners – want to wear and spend our money on, rather than them – the designers – telling us what we want or should want. Love it! I hope I represented y’all well.

First, I must say that The Studio in Danville is simply beautiful. One of my favorite yoginis Julie Conrad teaches there, and is always telling me to check it out. She’s right – it’s an amazing place to practice, and I’m so glad to finally see what all the hype is about. Second, it was great to see old friends, favorite teachers, and meet new yoga peeps in the area. I finally met Greg Riley of The Yoga Fusion tonight, and he is just as delightful as everyone says. Good times.

Thank you, Malia Hill – for hooking me up with fun yoga peeps and Lululemon!

Fun Yoga Gossip

13 Jul

Hey all, Gloria Persico and Greg Riley have teamed up with some really dedicated and pro teachers to open a new studio in San Ramon:  The Yoga Fusion. And – as crazy as yoga gets sometimes, things have fallen right into place and it will open THIS Thurday!

I’ve been graciously offered a teaching gig there and I get to start my new class on the first day – so join me and bless the new floor with your flow, baptize the space with your dewy drip: 5:30 – 7:30 PM. Address coming… it’s located off of Crow Canyon Rd.

Go to the website here, and join the mailing list. You’ll get all the upcoming scoop, along with a free week of yoga.

Photos coming soon – J’ai!

Keep on keepin’ on

5 Jul

My friend Julie is quick to remind me that it’s not the days when we’re inspired to practice yoga that make the difference in our lives, it’s the days we’re not inspired to practice yoga – the days we show up to the mat anyway to embrace the mundane – that make all the difference.

And if you’re like me, the mundane days can add up to feeling generally uninspired. I’m grateful to live in this day and age when we can reach across the world and inspire each other. So here’s my new fave piece of inspiration:

Yoga on, baby!

3 Little Gurus

6 Jun


Tantric parenting?

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Brandon Davies and my not-so-short shorts

7 Mar

Is honor an internal or an external experience?

Smart-Asses Welcome

30 Jan

Today’s weekly post at Doves and Serpents, inspired by one amazing Sanctuary retreat at Cosmic yesterday…

More coming…

19 Dec

Hi all –

I’m hoping 2011 brings much more time for writing here, but in the meantime please check out my Sunday column at Doves and Serpents. This week’s post is about making offerings.

Top 10 Principles of Happiness That I Was Never Taught at church

8 Nov

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Tell me about your dogma!

11 Oct

New Sunday post over at Doves and Serpents – come join in!

Doves and Serpents

9 Oct

Visit me on Sundays at the new and hip blog, Doves and Serpents. I’m writing and hosting (and taking submissions!) for the Sunday column: Sanctuary: mind, body, soul.
Preparing for the blog has been exciting, and the contributors are amazing and smart and witty. Jump in over there, and don’t hesitate to send me a submission – among other things, we’re going to be chatting about yoga. A lot. Jump on in!