Detox or practice?

31 Aug

I’m fascinated by the way people approach yoga. I love to watch students who get uncomfortable with all that hippie talk of love and light, and those who soak it up. It’s fun to see students jump in and out of their mind while practicing, and it’s really a joy to see them find that sweet connection of body, breath and spirit.

In terms of energy work, yoga is the most powerful spiritual detox I’ve ever experienced. I’ve been to church almost every Sunday from the day I was born. I know in my mind and heart that those powerful lessons Jesus taught are true: love each other, forgive each other, make peace in the world. We’re told to do it, we know we should, but we just aren’t always taught exactly how. That’s where yoga came into my life as a vehicle for transcendence and release… literally, spiritually and emotionally. Yoga as a metaphor for life, literally moves the pain of the past out of our bodies. That’s why my favorite word to describe yoga is: “freedom”.

With that said, how many of us are detoxing during class and then just creating more pain in the world as we walk out the door? To me, the yoga mat is merely practice for the real world, and the minute you step off of it the real yoga experience starts. And moving gracefully through the world is a lot more challenging than moving gracefully on the mat. It’s a lot more rewarding too.

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