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Oh what a feeling!

28 Sep

There are little miracles in every day life.

How can I put into words, this overwhelming pride, joy and bliss I feel when I peek into that little potty and see bright yellow? J’ai!


wise young man

27 Sep


My wise young man was late to second grade today. It was my fault. He said, “Don’t worry mom, you’re supposed to make new mistakes. If you’re not making new mistakes, you’re not really learning.”

Thank you Ms. Beuller at Sycamore Elementary for knowing what an education is all about.

No you di-n’t…

26 Sep

Yep, I did. I went on-line last night at 1am and blasted Oprah! What a negative post.  I feel the need to clear the air. No better way to do that than to discuss a little tidbit of Oprah wisdom.

I remember a quote from her show which has proven to be really wise. “When somebody shows you who they are, believe them. ”

I remember sitting in a yoga class with a popular teacher. It was the most serious class ever. I felt as if I were on the beach doing a Rodney Yee video. I was worried that if the teacher broke a smile she might crumble into a thousand tiny pieces. (hee hee… hidden Oprah reference)  I knew I couldn’t giggle, and I couldn’t dance or I might disrupt the deep spiritual mojo that everyone but me was experiencing. We left after a very serious and somber reading of yogic text and a super depressing “namaste”.

It hit me. When someone shows you who they are, believe them. I’m sure the teacher was a very kind person, but one thing was for sure – she wasn’t happy. I just didn’t buy what she was selling.

I want a teacher who can show me the real deal. Sometimes it’s messy or ugly, but that’s ok with me. At the very least, I want a teacher who loves yoga! Somebody who is ok with where they are in life and is embracing it passionately. Someone for who I can say, “wow, that’s really working for you!”

I remember taking a class from Laura Camp on Valentine’s Day. I found out the day before that I was pregnant with #3 and was a bit nauseaus. Right before the abdominal section of class, she pumped on the theme from Flashdance and started to narrate the story with great importance and drama. Try doing abs while laughing hysterically and trying not to throw up. I looked over, and there’s Laura being her normal silly self, poking fun at the universe. It’s a game I want to play and  it doesn’t get messier or more blissful. I’ll buy what she’s selling and that’s what I call yoga.

When somebody shows you who they are, believe them!

Oprah stole my book

26 Sep

Last fall, I read the book Eat, Pray, Love. It was one of the best written books I’ve ever read and really tapped into concepts and language that I relate to. Elizabeth Gilbert chronicled her year off after a traumatic period of time, travelling through Italy, India and Bali. She is a yogi and a student of the world and tells her story with warmth, humour and insight. I loved every word of it. I especially loved her period of time spend in India, of course. She lived my dream of taking time off to become a renunciate of sorts and live in an Ashram learning more about spirituality.

Here’s the deal… I felt like it’s my book. I keep recommending it to people and I alone have sent about a dozen people to Barnes and Noble! Well, Oprah is asking for people who have read the book and want to be on her show telling their personal stories.  Her board is full of comments from people trying yoga like it’s some new fad.

It’s good… more people will discover yoga, Elizabeth will earn the recognition deserved for an amazing piece of work, and Oprah will get the chance to talk about spirituality instead of having another fashion show.

It just gets under my skin sometimes, this idea that we need someone famous to popularize yoga and spirituality. What is wrong with us? Can’t we find it ourselves? Yoga isn’t a fad, it’s been around for centuries. It’s always been there for us, but it saddens me that we have to popularize something spiritual in order to embrace it. Besides, I happen to know that Oprah hates downward-facing dog!

This week I’m fascinated by the concept that all suffering is caused by lack of acceptance of what is. So realizing that,  I am going to embrace the reality that is Oprah. Let me encourage you to read the book because it’s fabulous and extremely fun! I’ll get working on my bad attitude and when the show airs we’ll all enjoy the surge in class attendance together. Here I go – sending good vibes out in the universe to Oprah.

Peace out…


24 Sep

Satya, the yama of truthfulness. I just read my posts and I must say, I sound like a great mom! It’s great to be the author here, but in all satya, it’s not exactly a fair portrayal. Let me leave an official disclaimer of sorts to realign myself with the universe.

I am a good mom. I do love my kids. But… I started having kids when I was 23 years old. I should have been graduating from college, but instead I was entering the school of parenting. (with a very painful entrance exam) My children range from 12-2 years old. I’m tired. Tired of being woken up at all hours of the night and day, tired of making food that I don’t like, tired of cleaning up after everyone else. Tired of having no money, no time and limited amounts of patience. I hate to admit it, but the little macaroni necklaces were much cuter the first time around.

That’s why this yoga path is so near and dear to me. It makes 100% of the difference to find a sacred moment in the middle of washing the dishes, or a real connection with one of the kids. It means that this life I’ve created is exactly what I need for my spiritual evolution and my family is as connected to that cause as I am to theirs. Yoga reminds me that being selfless is a priority, and every nose I wipe is a symbolic gesture of love.

Yoga cured me of my perfectionism. I don’t have to become perfect, because I already am perfect. In this moment, I am exactly where I should be. I was able to release a deep breath that I’d been holding for years.

Isn’t that the way it is for everyone? We all have gurus in our lives. We are all linked to certain people for a purpose. Some are children, some act like children! Some we find it easy to love, and others we struggle with. Usually when the guru is manifested within something or someone challenging, we have the opportunity to learn the most. We’re able to live a life that is special-ordered just for us. I love the quote by Hafiz: “This place where you are right now, God circled on a map for you.”


24 Sep

I believe in synchronicity. I must have tapped into the universe this week. One of the speakers at church today talked about her family mantra! Ok, she didn’t actually call it a family mantra, but that’s what it was. She talked about her family of 3 (teens and adults now) and said that quoting scripture was too laborious for their 3 years old. She boiled it down to one simple phrase that stuck over time. Now she has college kids and teens and their family’s still saying it. (mm hmm… that’s what I call a mantra…)

“Jesus said be nice.”

Simplicity, synchronicity and Mom’s mantras. We are more connected than we know.

Mom’s Mantra

23 Sep

Everyday as we left for school, my mom would do a half-wink and say, “remember who you are…” I like to think that I was a deep thinker growing up, so I’m embarrased to say that it wasn’t until I was grown that I figured out what she meant. It was my first introduction with the practice of mantra.

One of my favorite books is “Consider the Butterfly” by Carol Lynn Pearson. In it, she recalls talking to her adult son and asking him what he learned from her. Expecting a trite answer, he said, “To leave the world a better place than I found it.”

Whenever I drop off a kid I find myself asking them, “who loves you?” My two-year old can give me a whole list of people from Mommy to Auntie to Grandma. My seven-year old grins from ear to ear and says “You mom.” My 12-year old rolls his eyes back in his head, grins and says good-bye, as if I’m soo lame. I guess I figure that if they get anything out of life, it’s make no mistake, “You are loved.”

Don’t be shy.  Leave a post with your Mom Mantra.