Hello Old Friend!

10 Sep

Wow. It’s been years since I’ve seen my old friend named Depression. I’m surprised how it just took a couple of little life changes like losing my job and moving to a new neighborhood for Depression to find my new address. I thought I’d become stronger than that. I was getting over-confident in my ability to bliss out in life. “Oh yea, I’m always happy – it’s the yoga”. I stayed upbeat throughout the beginning of the struggles, but here come those waves of frustration, sadness, anger and anxiety again.

Now I recognize it. My old friend Depression is here to be my guru again. This time though, I can hear him sneak in the back door and I know he’s not so scary. He won’t stay forever and will leave faster if I don’t argue with him. He’s here again,  reminding me to stop looking outside of myself for answers and sit with what’s uncomfortable for me. I can stare my anger and anxiety right in the face and ask them what they want to teach me today.

I’m so grateful to have the skills to deal with these emotions this time around. When I say yoga has saved my life, I mean it. Last night I even heard Depression pack his suitcase and today he seems to be gone.  I guess I better change the sheets.

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