The world is a better place.

13 Sep


Where in the world is Kelli Barnett? It seems I can’t leave my house without somebody asking me where Kelli is. Some are worried about her after Be Well closed, and others just want their favorite yoga teacher back. (Don’t worry, I’m not offended… I want her back too!)

Here’s the scoop. Kelli gave up teaching to give herself some much needed rest and find some new rejuvenation. She’s currently studying with Rusty Wells in SF and after that she is off to a 10 day silent Vippasana Meditation Retreat. Yep, silent! Anyway, she’s doing fabulous and I’m sure she will come back to teaching with more energy and passion for what she does best.

Working at Be Well was a big adventure. Kelli and I didn’t always see things the same way. The thing about Kelli though, is that she didn’t try and change me. She just said, “So we’re never going to agree on this. Let’s make it work.” When I’ve struggled she’s been one of my biggest cheerleaders. That’s what a friend is, someone who believes in you.

Kim was frustrated the other day and Kelli told her not to worry about her problems. She said, “The world is a better place just because you’re breathing in it.”

That comment really touched me. It’s the kind of thing Kelli says from the heart that cuts right through everything trivial. It is true for us all. We don’t need to do anything, fix anything or worry. We are enough just as we are. Each of us has an in integral place on this planet. Here’s your mantra for today, straight from Kelli, “The world is a better place just because you’re breathing in it.”

You can check out her website at

One Response to “The world is a better place.”

  1. barefootbhakti October 14, 2007 at 10:49 pm #

    Unfortunately, felt the need to remove all of the comments from this post. I was hoping to express my gratitude for my friend Kelli, and extend some insight as to where she was and what she was up to.

    Sadly, the comments turned mean-spirited and gossipy in nature. Let me say that as I gain more perspective on the situation, it is clear that I have decided to sit out judgement as much as I possibly can and learn from my own situation. I’m sorry for the loss everybody experienced from the closing of Be Well. Personally, I wish I’d had some power within the situation to make things better. My real regret is setting myself up inside a situation that I could not fix.

    If you have it within you at this point in time, please join me in the effort of forgiveness, love and moving forward with peace. I know I might sound a bit sentimental here, but I really am sincere in my desire to transform this situation into one of growth and learning.

    Peace to you…

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