Oprah stole my book

26 Sep

Last fall, I read the book Eat, Pray, Love. It was one of the best written books I’ve ever read and really tapped into concepts and language that I relate to. Elizabeth Gilbert chronicled her year off after a traumatic period of time, travelling through Italy, India and Bali. She is a yogi and a student of the world and tells her story with warmth, humour and insight. I loved every word of it. I especially loved her period of time spend in India, of course. She lived my dream of taking time off to become a renunciate of sorts and live in an Ashram learning more about spirituality.

Here’s the deal… I felt like it’s my book. I keep recommending it to people and I alone have sent about a dozen people to Barnes and Noble! Well, Oprah is asking for people who have read the book and want to be on her show telling their personal stories.  Her board is full of comments from people trying yoga like it’s some new fad.

It’s good… more people will discover yoga, Elizabeth will earn the recognition deserved for an amazing piece of work, and Oprah will get the chance to talk about spirituality instead of having another fashion show.

It just gets under my skin sometimes, this idea that we need someone famous to popularize yoga and spirituality. What is wrong with us? Can’t we find it ourselves? Yoga isn’t a fad, it’s been around for centuries. It’s always been there for us, but it saddens me that we have to popularize something spiritual in order to embrace it. Besides, I happen to know that Oprah hates downward-facing dog!

This week I’m fascinated by the concept that all suffering is caused by lack of acceptance of what is. So realizing that,  I am going to embrace the reality that is Oprah. Let me encourage you to read the book because it’s fabulous and extremely fun! I’ll get working on my bad attitude and when the show airs we’ll all enjoy the surge in class attendance together. Here I go – sending good vibes out in the universe to Oprah.

Peace out…

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