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Secret Santa

26 Nov

The season is here again! Shopping, shopping and shopping. My kids are already bombarded with ads and purchasing propaganda. I’m determined that my kids will grow up knowing how lucky they are, and how important it is to give to others. Secret Santa seemed like the perfect project for us this year.

We’re traveling to Utah for Christmas to visit family this year, so I asked my sister-in-law if she knew of a family in need. Yep, her neighbors are hitting some rough times: The father of the family was deported to Mexico and the mother is trying to support a family of seven by herself. Her oldest three children are working part-time to help, and pulling a lot of weight at home as well. Things are beyond tight for them. The kids range from baby to 16-year old.

My kids are earning money and we are focusing on how to help this family. Between the two of us, we’ve been able to meet a lot of the needs, but can’t fill everything. I thought between all of my yoga students and friends, we could collect quite a Christmas for this sweet family. My sister-in-law compiled a list of needs, if you’d like to help just check out the S.Santa page I added to the top of the site. I’ll happily update the site with details of the secret delivery. I wonder if I can coax my hubby into a Santa suit?



22 Nov

Guess what? My seven-year old can speak “cat”. Yes, it’s true. He spent the better part of today on all fours following around our little cat Penny, interpreting her every meow for us! Aparently, we are not meeting Penny’s needs. Penny really wants to go outside and fight with other cats and escape her other steady companion, our three-year old little sister.

 This made for great fun and games all day long. There goes the cat (in a big hurry). There goes Kieran, sliding around on the floor meowing. There goes little Drew, copying her big brother, meowing. Uh-oh. There’s Brandon (big 12-year old brother) rolling his eyes and insisting that nobody is actually speaking “cat”. We were launched into deep debate all day long about whether or not Kieran could speak cat, and why is Drew copying me, and does it really matter? AAAAAHHHHHH….. when does school start back up?

When my sweety came home today I don’t think I even looked him in the eye. I finished up the pie I was making as fast as I could, and grabbed my yoga mat so I could take class before I taught tonight. As I flew full speed out the door, I think my exact words were, “I’m taking class tonight so I won’t kill one of the kids!”

 I ran out to take class, snuck into the back of the room, 10 minutes late, unrolled my mat and, joy – I was smack next to the instructor’s two young sons. Now, I must say that they were very well behaved. They tried to do everything in class. They were super cute. I strongly believe that children belong at yoga studios and yoga studios don’t have to be stuffy and quiet all of the time. But I was planning to escape little boys tonight. That was the grand master plan. Instead, I ended up listening to – how do I describe this? At one point I think I heard the whisper version of an armpit fart.

The Universe has a way of providing what I need. Tonight I tried to escape it and ended up in exactly the same situation. The irony. Ok Universe – I get it!

I came back tonight so grateful to have a fantastic husband who can handle things at home brilliantly. On the kitchen table was a paper with fifty sentences scrawled in second grade handwriting: “I will be good for my mom, I will be good for my mom, I will be good for my mom…”

I finished making pies with Brandon and explained that it’s such a fun game to play, this talking cat game. Let’s play along and who knows, maybe your brother really can talk to cats. Let’s not limit him!

When it’s all said and done tonight, it’s only fair that I type out my own set of sentences now: “Meow. Meow. Meow.” Translated from “cat”, that means: “I will be patient with my children. I will be patient with my children. I will be patient with my children.”

Ho Ho Ho

20 Nov

It’s suggested that as women we should ask for what we want straight up. Stop waiting for men to read our minds and just tell them exactly what we want. I took this to heart yesterday when I found out Rusty was doing a Master Class series on Saturdays in December.

Merry Christmas to me. 4 weeks of study with Rusty and his gang in the city – What a treat! Thank you Dan… it’s the perfect Christmas gift, how ever did you know?

forrest yoga

20 Nov

Holy. Crap. That’s the mantra that kept going through my mind yesterday during Colleen Millan’s yoga class.

I remember when I started taking powerful flow classes and I had the same response. Holy. Crap. I want my body to do that. Well, now my body can do that, and of course, I realized quite a while ago, it’s not about that. It’s really not even about the body. That was just the way in for me.

Now that I’m in, it’s hard to find a teacher that can push me in the way I need to be pushed. I’m pretty comfortable sitting with my shit and working through it. I don’t usually avoid hard work.

This Forrest style of yoga is not natural to my body. I don’t like opening my hips first thing in class or not being allowed to throw my chin up for a big, lavish upward-facing dog. I want to do what I know and love. I want to bliss out and float through those flow classes on auto pilot.

I’m finding that new styles of yoga are waking me up. In Colleen’s class on Saturday there were no crazy or fancy poses or vinyasas. No inversions. Just simple yoga with deep breathing, and a lot of awareness. I found myself unable to wander the wilds of my mind, taking class one breath at a time.  The combination of poses with precise alignment actually has me sore today! I haven’t been sore after a yoga class for several months. It may not be the style I gravitate to, but it is just what I need. Colleen is the real deal, check out her class on Saturdays, 8am at The Yoga Co.

talent among us

18 Nov

Our yoga friend Amy is releasing her first spoken word CD. She has some interesting projects on her website, check it out: 


14 Nov

So I’ve been meditating faithfully for two weeks now. It’s been the easiest thing ever. Now, literally speaking, I have to be honest and just say that I suck at meditation. I’ve got some pretty good stories going on in my mind and they are like a vacuum, sucking me in. But, non-the-less I enjoy the process of watching where my attachments are and I am reveling in the wave of consistancy I’ve created from daily practice.

I gave up vegetarianism years ago when I gave up perfectionism. For me, the two were intimately linked.  In a paradoxical way, eating meat was very healing for me.

With my past perfectionism in mind combined with other issues from my past, I thought it wise not to make any declarative statement about becoming a vegetarian. I thought, it’s something that should happen without dogma. It should be a natural evolution.

So very quietly, tagging along behind my consistent meditation practice came a desire to stop eating meat. I can’t really explain it, except to say that it’s been a really natural shift. So far I’ve been cooking vegetarian without the kids noticing.

It’s been an unexpected side-effect of meditation and I’m fascinated by it!

There’s hope for us yet

14 Nov


Yes! For once, I don’t have to agonize about what to get my Dad for Christmas. So funny… check out the book and the website: