Monkey Mama

4 Nov

Ahhh. Let me try that again – Aaaaa-hhhhh. I made it to Laura’s class today at Monkey Yoga Shala and it felt so good. I haven’t been able to do a heated class like that for a month or so. While it was humbling, it’s just my kind of yoga. I was upside down in Prasarita Padotonasana, and watched a steady stream of sweat drip of the shoulders of the man in front of me.

After a flowing and challenging yoga class like Laura’s, I literally feel different, and it’s much more than physical. I’m a huge believer in tapas… refining with fire. The movement and the internal heat have an ability to move the negative energy out of my body. We sat for a short meditation at the end of class and I was able to feel stillness in both body and spirit. My mind was silent. It just doesn’t get better than that.

Can I say it one more time? Aaaa-aaahhh….

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