The Box

8 Nov

This concept of “inside the box” keeps appearing for me.  In the spiritual sense, there’s a point where we step out of our box and break down our cultural teachings and definitions of spirituality. We move into a space of “what is”, of “being” and of simply noticing what is real. As I pull on the endless thread of yoga and meditation, I notice that I am very far outside of my own box. I don’t know when I stepped outside, or at what point I turned my back on the box, but I am miles away from it now. The more I open myself up outside of my own little physical world, the more reality I find.

It’s mystical, it’s open-ended and very hard to describe with words. There’s a place of understanding beyond definition. I know, it’s a bit esoteric. I’m sure I’ll write more as I find better words.

All I know is, I’m not going back in the box. It’s much more beautiful out here.

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