14 Nov

So I’ve been meditating faithfully for two weeks now. It’s been the easiest thing ever. Now, literally speaking, I have to be honest and just say that I suck at meditation. I’ve got some pretty good stories going on in my mind and they are like a vacuum, sucking me in. But, non-the-less I enjoy the process of watching where my attachments are and I am reveling in the wave of consistancy I’ve created from daily practice.

I gave up vegetarianism years ago when I gave up perfectionism. For me, the two were intimately linked.  In a paradoxical way, eating meat was very healing for me.

With my past perfectionism in mind combined with other issues from my past, I thought it wise not to make any declarative statement about becoming a vegetarian. I thought, it’s something that should happen without dogma. It should be a natural evolution.

So very quietly, tagging along behind my consistent meditation practice came a desire to stop eating meat. I can’t really explain it, except to say that it’s been a really natural shift. So far I’ve been cooking vegetarian without the kids noticing.

It’s been an unexpected side-effect of meditation and I’m fascinated by it!

One Response to “fascinating.”

  1. greenfrog November 15, 2007 at 6:57 am #

    Interesting connection. I’ve wondered whether my increased tendencies in the past few years toward vegetarian diet have something to do with the intrinsic effect of my yoga practice or whether it’s just a function of yoga and ahimsa being taught as interrelated subjects, and my mind/body accepting the entire package as a package. I actually think it’s the first — that practicing yoga makes me more aware, greater awareness leads to understanding of the effects of eating other sentient beings.

    Whatever the answer, I’m interested to hear about your experience.


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