Secret Santa

26 Nov

The season is here again! Shopping, shopping and shopping. My kids are already bombarded with ads and purchasing propaganda. I’m determined that my kids will grow up knowing how lucky they are, and how important it is to give to others. Secret Santa seemed like the perfect project for us this year.

We’re traveling to Utah for Christmas to visit family this year, so I asked my sister-in-law if she knew of a family in need. Yep, her neighbors are hitting some rough times: The father of the family was deported to Mexico and the mother is trying to support a family of seven by herself. Her oldest three children are working part-time to help, and pulling a lot of weight at home as well. Things are beyond tight for them. The kids range from baby to 16-year old.

My kids are earning money and we are focusing on how to help this family. Between the two of us, we’ve been able to meet a lot of the needs, but can’t fill everything. I thought between all of my yoga students and friends, we could collect quite a Christmas for this sweet family. My sister-in-law compiled a list of needs, if you’d like to help just check out the S.Santa page I added to the top of the site. I’ll happily update the site with details of the secret delivery. I wonder if I can coax my hubby into a Santa suit?

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