imagine that

21 Dec

Imagine that. A holiday in December that actually encourages togetherness! In the Shambala tradition of Buddhism, the winter solstice is celebrated as “Children’s Day”. The children are honored and parents and adults take time out on December 21st to actually go out in the world and honor their children.

I am so busy getting ready for Christmas; working, doing cub scouts, and completing that famous list of mundane jobs. I actually told my 12-year old yesterday, “I’m so sorry. I just don’t have time to listen to you right now. I’m late for work.” Ugh. I felt it when I said it, and today it hurts even more. Why am I doing so much if I don’t even have the 5 minutes it takes to listen to my son talk. Anyone with a 12-year old boy knows that when they talk, you better listen! I know I’m not the only one. As I run my errands I see children melting down and throwing tantrums all over town! There are frazzled and panicked parents who have lost that Christmas feeling.

Yesterday I was shopping in downtown Walnut Creek. I dreaded going out this time of year but I desperately wanted to replace my worn out pair of jeans. I was trying to move quickly and get out of the shopping chaos and I saw my own little fantasy of sorts.  An adorable mom and daughter couple (just the age of my daughter) holding hands, making eye contact and giggling while they shopped. The mom wasn’t frazzled or rushing her child along, they were really happy! The mom leaned down to eye level with her daughter and there was this sparkle between their eyes. The mom was so cute and happy that the cynic in me is wondering if that was really the mom, or the nanny? At any rate, I love witnessing those warm moments between people who really love each other in the moment. I am only going to get that if I stop doing so much and start being right in that current of the present moment. Why wait until the 25th to start enjoying the little buggers?

 Dec. 21st is tomorrow and I don’t care how busy we are preparing for our big family day on the 25th. Tomorrow the kids are out of school and we are cranking up the holiday music and celebrating Children’s Day. Taking time to do whatever they want to do and see the world through their eyes.

We’ll be Shambala Buddhists for the day. Yay!

 Wherever you are tomorrow… find a child and pass along a smile. If you don’t have kids in your life, spend a minute viewing the world as you did when you were a kid. Can you remember?

One Response to “imagine that”

  1. Lisa December 21, 2007 at 3:01 am #

    I didn’t know tomorrow was Children’s day! How lucky that we are going roller skating with Grandma and Grandpa! (and Ethan’s school!!) We’ll put the day to good use!

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