speaking of children…

21 Dec

My dear friend sent out a fabulous Christmas letter. She happens to be one of those amazing mothers who manages to stay zen and keep her sanity. Mind you, she has 4 children under the age of 10 and is expecting #5. I thought her letter summed up so much of what it means to be a parent and work at making peace.

I thought a description of last night would pretty much sum up the mischief that has characterized our 2007; which year will hereafter be known as “The Year of Narrow Escapes”.  As I made dinner, the girls all starting putting on chap stick (I think they were extra hungry because they just kept licking and re-applying).  Twenty-month old Rachel (a.k.a. “The Boss”) followed suit, only she used a glue stick instead of lip gloss and carried the application well beyond her lips to include her face and hair.  At least she was smart enough to stop licking after the initial shock of the taste.  She looked cute all smeared in blue, but darn if that “washable” glue didn’t turn out to be stubborn!   During dinner, this same Rachel managed to fit a 1-inch piece of asparagus up her ¾ inch nose – completely concealing it from view.  Marc noticed that she was bothered and breathing funny but couldn’t grab the slippery little fella.  He creatively coached her into blowing it out.  Did I tell you she’s amazing? 

The last of the nights’ surprises came when our 10-foot Christmas tree crashed down during the decorating, landing squarely between four children and only resulting in one broken ornament.  We simply righted our tree into its stand (which was made to hold a tree UP TO 7ft.) and kept on decorating.  Since then, the ornaments have been re-positioned at least hourly according to who is home at the time.  It’s an on-going creative process over which I have no control.

I love that… an on-going creative process over which I have no control! Those are the perfect conditions for a series on Advanced Yoga Training!

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