30 Dec

Vacation is great. Sometimes there’s nothing better than dropping off of the face of the world for a while. If only dropping off of the face of the world meant landing somewhere warm and tropical. I’ve found myself frozen in the middle of Springville, Utah.

 So far, here are somehighlights:

*watching baby girl enjoy the snow. She’s amazed by it. (just whose daughter is she, anyway? I watch her play from the window) Thrilled to get a fresh few inches for Christmas day.

*enjoying Dan’s family and watching the cousins adore each other. Christmas morning was a blast of youthful enthusiasm, and shreaks of excitement. (baby girl hid on a lap all morning overwhelmed by the chaos of six other kids, loved the $.99 cent slinky she found in her stocking.)

*finding a fun and funky yoga studio in Salt Lake City… yoga flow which has an ecclectic assortment of teachers that seem to channel Shiva Rea. My hubby actually joined me and it was the warmest I’ve been all week. Thank you Jamie at Yoga Flow for turning up the heat!

*Doing no other yoga all week long. When in Rome… I guess that explains all of the eating…

*shopping… yep, when in Rome… these Utaahns have a lot of shops and malls. Guess what? It’s a fabulously warm place to spend time. I am now the proud owner of a much needed new pair of jeans. As any good Mormon would, I got a great deal.

*learned something new… I suck at ice skating. I hobbled around the rink while my boys and neices and nephews left me in the dust. I finished my one lap – terrified that the hoards of children (this is Provo, Utah BTW) would knock me over and I’d break my tailbone or snap an ankle, removed my skates and found the a warm spot where I watched my kids demonstrate amazing lack of fear. Watched my seven year old hit the dust over and over, get knocked over by rude kids and parents, thus proving my fears true, both making me feel smart to leave the ice and helpless to protect him. Found myself wanting to go shake said thoughtless adults.

*Lost all ability to form a sentence or use punctuation.

*excited to come home and start World Yoga Practice Month in January… woyopracmo. Looking forward to my own bed and kitchen. And yes, can’t wait to see you all in class on Wednesday!

One Response to “Vacation”

  1. Lisa December 31, 2007 at 12:33 am #

    Laurie! Just wrote you an email. Are you home? Call me, call me, call me.

    Oh, and your HUSBAND joined you for yoga?? What’s the secret? Do tell!

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