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29 Jan

Yesterday was laughing, today is crying?  A very touching video.


a good laugh

27 Jan

Remember the Seinfeld episode where Jerry’s dentist becomes Jewish just so he can tell Jewish jokes? That’s one of my favorite things about being a cultural mormon. I can laugh at all of the jokes, like: “What’s the difference between a Mormon wedding and a regular wedding? …. it’s the mother of the bride who’s pregnant.” I know, it’s just a truly bad joke, but it’s especially funny to me, because I’ve actually seen it.

 Well, as a yogi/yogini, it is now politically correct to join the world of yoga jokes. There really aren’t enough going around, and we as yogis just haven’t quite mastered the art of laughing at ourselves enough yet. Usually I’m one of those people who says, “that’s funny!” instead of laughing out loud. But the other night I found myself rolling out of my computer chair laughing hysterically at YogaDawg’s yoga toons. I know it’s an insider joke thing too, because my husband didn’t seem to get it.

 Anyway, it’s taken me almost a month to set a meaningful New Year’s resolution. Here it is: To find my audible laugh as much as possible. No more saying “that’s funny” for me! I’m on a quest for a good, belly, roll out of your seat laugh.

 Check out YogaDawg’s toons, news and comic bits here. Too funny. (or is it just me?)

Cosmic Dog Yoga

25 Jan

You’ve heard of the Downward Facing Dog, the Upward Facing Dog, Turbo dog, and even Puppy dog.

 Roll them into one amazing (non-existent) studio and what do you have? A rockin’ studio called “Cosmic Dog Yoga”. Yep, call us crazy but you heard right, the new studio is going to be called Cosmic Dog.

Lisa is a fabulous partner, but I just don’t know if she’ll go along with my mission statement: “Cosmic Dog Yoga – bringing the funk back into yoga.” or, “Yoga so delicious it’s cosmic”.

 Things are happening in Livermore!

yoga works

24 Jan

My life has changed so much over the years that sometimes it feels like I’ve lived completely separate lives. It’s time to ‘fess up that it’s true; I used to be a gym rat. I taught it all from kick-boxing, step, cycle, personal training, etc. As I moved into yoga, I gradually cut back my other classes, and chilled out on my type A workouts. I eventually cut back to just teaching yoga, and last year was my first year completely gym free. What a great test to see how practicing yoga alone compares to tough gym workouts.

 I’m back teaching yoga at a fitness center again and it’s fun to bring yoga to a group of people who don’t normally practice. In addition, I have a free membership to the club right down my street and I’ve been feeling like I want to go work out a bit. So, for the last couple of weeks I’ve dropped into the gym for some old school fitness workouts.

Guess what? Yoga rocks! I haven’t lost any of my cardio stamina. In fact, I’ve dropped a minute on my milage. (speed has always been my issue) Picking up the weights I’m finding that I’m lifting just what I did before, sometimes more. Pushups? I’m whipping those babies out like I never did before. Kickboxing? Not even sore the next day.

The biggest benefit? I’m doing all of it because my body is craving it right now, not because I’m trying to conquer my body.  Sometimes it just feels good to enjoy my own skin and really know my body. That’s something I never felt when I was 21. It’s as if I live in a parallel universe to my younger self. All of these women desperately trying to fight the effects of their age? Let’s give them a bit of yoga. Suddenly wrinkles are welcome!

And I can now say that I know for sure that yoga in and of itself is all of the physical practice I need. The rest is just extra!

too quiet

18 Jan

Can you hear that? Crickets chirping, refrigerator humming…. it’s sooo quiet around here.

 I’m ready to fire up the blog again, but for the next few months it’s going to be short and sweet.

 I’ve been really busy lately working with Lisa (psychomamma) to open a yoga studio in Livermore. I’m so excited to create a yoga home with all the things I think are important… a space with lots of love, laughter and light.

We’re in the process of searching for a building now, creating graphics and lining up teachers. I’m planning to use this blog as we go along to keep you posted step by step. I know many of you are anxious to practice again in Livermore.

So send us positive vibes and dedicate some of your practices for us as we work through all of the details. Maybe we’ll have a painting party? I can’t wait to practice with all of you in our new studio!

Cool Demo

12 Jan

Thanks for the link Danelle. I’ve seen her demos before and they just blow me away. Her personal practice is amazing.

Hey – Let’s do this sequence in class next week!


11 Jan

Long time, no post! Things have been pretty busy at my house.

I’m convinced that savasana is the most advanced pose we can practice. Just being so still and practicing our death, now that’s deep and courageous. Talk about taking yourself to the edge!

 With things being so busy these days, it’s been a while since I’ve felt a real connection to  Spirit that lasted more than 60 seconds. Today though, I got a fun surprise. I ran in late to Illiana’s Power class at Yoga Co. this morning. I expected to rush in, pound out practice, and hustle out. Illiana always teaches a great class, but today it was this delicious combination of challenging poses and hip opening.  I found myself giving into the struggle of it all and having a very playful time.

During savasana, my mind stopped thinking. I spend a good 3 minutes suspended from thought and fully integrated in my body. I felt so connected to everyone around me and without thought I found myself in this amazing state of equanimity. I guess it was bliss, but without thought, there really are no words to use to describe it.

Now that’s great yoga. I remember why I love the practice so much.