11 Jan

Long time, no post! Things have been pretty busy at my house.

I’m convinced that savasana is the most advanced pose we can practice. Just being so still and practicing our death, now that’s deep and courageous. Talk about taking yourself to the edge!

 With things being so busy these days, it’s been a while since I’ve felt a real connection to  Spirit that lasted more than 60 seconds. Today though, I got a fun surprise. I ran in late to Illiana’s Power class at Yoga Co. this morning. I expected to rush in, pound out practice, and hustle out. Illiana always teaches a great class, but today it was this delicious combination of challenging poses and hip opening.  I found myself giving into the struggle of it all and having a very playful time.

During savasana, my mind stopped thinking. I spend a good 3 minutes suspended from thought and fully integrated in my body. I felt so connected to everyone around me and without thought I found myself in this amazing state of equanimity. I guess it was bliss, but without thought, there really are no words to use to describe it.

Now that’s great yoga. I remember why I love the practice so much.

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