yoga works

24 Jan

My life has changed so much over the years that sometimes it feels like I’ve lived completely separate lives. It’s time to ‘fess up that it’s true; I used to be a gym rat. I taught it all from kick-boxing, step, cycle, personal training, etc. As I moved into yoga, I gradually cut back my other classes, and chilled out on my type A workouts. I eventually cut back to just teaching yoga, and last year was my first year completely gym free. What a great test to see how practicing yoga alone compares to tough gym workouts.

 I’m back teaching yoga at a fitness center again and it’s fun to bring yoga to a group of people who don’t normally practice. In addition, I have a free membership to the club right down my street and I’ve been feeling like I want to go work out a bit. So, for the last couple of weeks I’ve dropped into the gym for some old school fitness workouts.

Guess what? Yoga rocks! I haven’t lost any of my cardio stamina. In fact, I’ve dropped a minute on my milage. (speed has always been my issue) Picking up the weights I’m finding that I’m lifting just what I did before, sometimes more. Pushups? I’m whipping those babies out like I never did before. Kickboxing? Not even sore the next day.

The biggest benefit? I’m doing all of it because my body is craving it right now, not because I’m trying to conquer my body.  Sometimes it just feels good to enjoy my own skin and really know my body. That’s something I never felt when I was 21. It’s as if I live in a parallel universe to my younger self. All of these women desperately trying to fight the effects of their age? Let’s give them a bit of yoga. Suddenly wrinkles are welcome!

And I can now say that I know for sure that yoga in and of itself is all of the physical practice I need. The rest is just extra!

2 Responses to “yoga works”

  1. Lisa January 25, 2008 at 7:50 am #

    ok . Let’s DO give them a bit of yoga. In Livermore!! 🙂

  2. barefootbhakti January 25, 2008 at 9:29 am #

    Go Cosmic Dog!

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