moving deeper

18 Feb

During class I usually find a place of aversion. The way the teacher is cueing, the sequence, a pose I don’t like. Once in a while I fight the instinct to just leave during class.

 I found myself really enjoying class this morning, breathing deep and working hard. Somewhere though, I just wanted my beloved teacher to shut up. At that moment, the pose was so hard and I noticed my mind creating a big story around how I really needed quiet right then. The minute I noticed the story, it was gone. Rather than having an aversion, I just went deeper into the teacher’s voice and of course, the poses seemed lighter and easier. Then, as if a little gift from our connectedness in the universe I received the most delicious adjustment from the teacher as if he was thanking me for shifting my stinking thinking.

I’ve been experiencing this a lot more lately. Catching my thoughts more quickly, watching them dissolve. It’s so powerful and so easy.

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