All you need is love

7 Mar

My friend met me for a bite last week after my teaching gig. She knows me so well and showed up with a gift for me: A book titled My Minivan Is A Monastery. Funny thing is, I could have written the book myself. Much to my own sadness (I really don’t know any other way around it right now), I drive way too much these days. School, teaching jobs, errands and now Livermore! I’ve come to enjoy my drives, especially this time of year when my corner of the universe is positively screaming out loud with beauty. I drive around, soaking up the green rolling hills, daffodils, pink popcorn trees, gorgeous yellow mustard weeds, and think maybe it’s worth paying the high price of living in California. I’ve discovered books online and podcasts and I’m blowing through my “reading” material. These podcasts have brought me into books and lectures I never would have been able to enjoy otherwise. I’ve learned so much in the past few months. I’m in love with modern technology.

Well here I sit tonight at midnight. I was up at 6am, took kids to school, taught a yoga class, drove to Livermore to look at the architect’s plans/get a key (YAY!), picked up from preschool, came home to a husband who had to leave work because he was so sick, pick up from elementary, help with homework, go to Safeway to get cornmeal because I promised 8 year old cornbread 3 nights ago and still haven’t made good on my word, serve dinner late (the best dinner ever, says 8 year old), clean up, keep kids out of sick hubbies room, round up one naked 3 year old who didn’t wipe after using the potty, give 2 baths, monitor 12 year old on the internet, stop 3 year old from drawing highlighter all over her feet, stop 3 year old from hiding my keys, stop 3 year old from eating some random left over cookie dough she found in the fridge (sneaky little bugger), soothe 8 year olds moodiness (Today’s the best day ever/the worst day ever, life’s not fair….), read books to kids before bed/explain why I can’t read books all night/wa-wa, watch Lost while choosing fabric samples for gorgeous custom yoga mat bags while I zone out completely, and finally……

Work on the huge task list for the Cosmic Dog Studio.

Really, what was I thinking? I know my minivan is a monastery, but c’mon, I’m running a zoo here today. I look at those sweet faces in bed and wouldn’t have it any other way. These last two hours working in the office on Cosmic Dog business have been so fun. I really love this project. I really believe in it. I believe in yoga. I believe it has something to offer everybody, even and especially us frazzled moms. I just look at the amount of time I have each day, glance over at the list that needs to be done, look at my lonely yoga mat in the corner and sigh.

My business partner Lisa has the most soothing voice. (if you’re going to have a business partner, I suggest finding one who is also a marriage-family counselor/retired air traffic controller… they really know how to manage stress!) We chat on the phone excitedly about projects and she says, “I know it doesn’t have to all be done today, family first.” I know she’s at home going through the same senario, chipping away at her own list. But through her words, I read the same message that’s going through my mind, “I really want to get it all done tonight!”

This time of night when I’m so tired that I’m punchy, all I’m left with is emotion. As I think about this new project and all that it entails and all that it means, it boils down to one intention: Love.

So I’m going to sleep with a little bit of hope in the most McCartney/Lennon sort of way, having faith that even if all of the things on my task list are still unfinished on opening day, “All ya need is love!”

3 Responses to “All you need is love”

  1. Lisa Gray March 9, 2008 at 9:30 am #

    Awww. You’re the best partner ever as well. If I do say so myself, we make a good team! A cosmic team, shall I say? 🙂

  2. paige March 9, 2008 at 12:50 pm #

    Love is nice. A tiny bit more time would be great too. But love is nice.

  3. Kelly March 14, 2008 at 4:13 am #

    Hi Laurie,

    Love your blog! You certainly prove all of us moms are superwomen and we need yoga more than anything!


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