Ha ha ha ha ha

3 May

God is so funny. Did you know that it’s really not about whether the doors we ordered get here on time, or what color the walls are, or if there is a typo in my brochure, or even whether we’re ready to open the doors on time? It’s really all about yoga, yoga and more yoga. In this case, the yoga is manifesting in Ishvarapranadana and satya and ahimsa and definitely Dharana. Staying focused, letting go, speaking your truth with a lot of love. Intense periods of time like this definitely give me the opportunity to manifest real yoga. Yoga off of the mat. I’m finding myself going into auto-pilot pranayama. Yep, walking around in Home Depot – noticing a loud sound – oops, that’s me doing Ujayii breathing.  That said, I’m trying to find a  little more grace as I interact with everyone I love.

And I thought it that paint color was sooooo important. God – you are way too funny.

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