Inquiring minds want to know

9 Jul

Next week I’m heading to Hollywood, tagging along on one of Dan’s business trips. He’ll be busy with his conference, and I will have hours and hours of time to myself. I have two things on my brain: yoga and beach – in that order. I think I’ll wake up, take yoga, rest on the beach, take more yoga, etc, etc. Maybe I’ll even do yoga on the beach. It’s LA – I’m sure nobody would think twice.

Does anyone have suggestions? – good teachers, or good studios? We’ll be staying in Hollywood (much too swanky for me, I know) and I’ll be sure to catch class with crazy man Steve Ross if he’s in town. There are some obvious studios in Santa Monica, but I would love to have some personal recommendations for teachers.


One Response to “Inquiring minds want to know”

  1. Lisa Gray July 11, 2008 at 3:23 am #

    Ok, I have no idea. But I looked some things up online and found the Golden Bridge Yoga studio ( — I think I saw an article about this place one time — they have a cafe, a herbal store, it’s like a whole community in one building. It’s mostly Kundalini but I notice there are other things there too. I’d LOVE a report back about that place!!

    Also, I found Yoga Groove, which looks totally funky. Love their website ( — could be fun.

    Can’t wait for a report on it all!!

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