Cali girl

15 Jul

First off, they say the sun doesn’t shine anywhere like it does in California. I would have to agree. Unfortunately, the last few summers the sun is shining blood red through all of the pollution reminding us that the whole state is on fire.

Anyway, try as I might, I just can’t feel at home if the coast is not a few hours away. Forget the fact that I probably only make it to the Pacific 6-7 times a year, but I live for it. I’ve lived in Utah which was absolutely gorgeous (who knew), but I could never quite settle into that feeling of being land-locked. I need a little ocean air floating through my blood-stream, even if I only get it every other month! Last week I took the kids to Santa Cruz and I’m proud to report that I have infected them with the same “gotta get to the beach” bug that my mom gave to me. As soon as we get off highway 1, we roll down the windows and start asking “can you smell it yet?” and squeal like little girls when we get our first glimpse of the ocean. I love how the sand feels in my beloved bare feet and how the kids need almost nothing to be completely entertained for a whole day. Got a tennis ball? 8-year old is happy throwing it into the ocean and watching it come back after 5 minutes of worrying that it won’t. Gotta water bottle cap? 3-year old will bury it for hours. There’s something very Santosha – inducing about being at the beach. Just content to sit and breath in the natural world.

For those of you reading who are not Cali people, it’s important to note that there are two different Californias – Northern California and Southern California, and we might as well divide them on the map so we could be really clear as to whether we are a “northern Californian” or a “Southern Californian”. Yes, I do realize this is quite ego-inducing, I know! But it is fun, like teasing your little sister. There’s a bit of rivalry between the two areas having something to do with the fact that Southern Cali steals all of Northern Cali’s water and until more recently, Southern Cali has in-n-out burger and us folks up north were just jealous until the chain expanded into our neck of the woods. We feel a bit more whole now that we can get our own non-sattvic animal style burgers and have figured out the secret in-n-out burger menu. I’ve always been a Bay Area/northern Ca girl (we’re way smarter than, like, the valley girls down south – like, you know?), but after our stint in Utah, we had the distinct pleasure of moving to SAN DIEGO which is heaven on earth. So now my ego has been cured, and I fully embrace the So Cal experience.

Here I am, off with Dan to LA on a business trip. I should say – he’s on a business trip and I’m on a yoga/beach/shopping expedition of my own. (the hotel is soooo quiet, kids are home with grandma!) There’s yoga and beaches everywhere – the smell of the ocean seems to waft along with the pollution all of the way to Hollywood where we’re staying. I have to say, the beaches here are amazing – it’s actually warm and sunny, and there are huge stretches of sand to walk and walk. Plenty of parking. I’m even able to practice my stretching while I put on my sunscreen all by myself. Apparently my shoulders are pretty open, because there’s no burn on my back!

It’s a strange experience after being so busy and worrying about everybody else, to sit and decide “what do I want to do today?” Not what do I need to do today, but what do I want to do today? Today I’m off to take class with Shiva Rea, catch a few rays on the beach and see a chick flick w/out my obliging husband. I almost feel guilty that he’s at the conference center working so hard, but I’m having too good of a time ego-tripping and finding a bit of Santosha. I even found a class that’s called “arm balances”. Now I’m really blissed out – just thinking about it!

One Response to “Cali girl”

  1. yoginidiva July 18, 2008 at 3:46 am #

    You make me proud to say I’m an East Bay/ North Cali girl too!
    So glad to hear of your adventures out there. You had me cracking up with the previous blog! Your way with words makes me feel like I’m a fly on the wall.
    You’re missed at the studio but deserve this well earned vacation!
    I will be in Solvang next week but will see you the week after.
    Enjoy your SoCal time!

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