Surfer girl

18 Jul

….that’s me. Little gravity surfer.

I picked up a bug on the airplane and it kicked in last night. I only slept for a few hours, struggling to breath and rest. I was so wiped out by morning that I thought I was done for sure. I’d resigned myself to no yoga, sitting on the beach and seeing a movie. I was so bummed, because on my calendar for today was Jay Co’s class called “Arm Balances” and it sounded like my own personal heaven.

Well, I spent the whole morning in traffic – (go LA!) and was so rajasic by the afternoon that I decided, what the hell – I’m going to class. Once in class, I forgot all about my stuffy nose and lack of energy until savasana when I felt like I was underwater drowning!

First of all, in order to take this class I had to decide to give Bryan Kest’s studio a second – actually third chance today. I put on my best attitude and jumped in. Class was a Cosmic Dog sized class – about 15 people. The teacher Jay Co, is a beautiful guy, very strong, very calm, and very fluid in his movements. He had a very kind way of speaking and was very encouraging. 

I have to admit that I was wrong about the students at the studio. I rolled out my mat next to the friendliest people today, one of which explained that this location is where the “serious students” come. Got it now. Serious students can handle the grit and dirt a bit easier! We don’t care as much. I have to admit, class was so intense today, I didn’t even notice the fuzz on the ceiling fan!

Arm balances are such a good opportunity to practice imperfection perfectly. They’re a great way to just simply explore your body and learn where your form is in space. I love how once you learn the basic structure or physics of the pose, the rest is figuring out how your particular shape and strengths and weaknesses play out in the pose. I love that even though I’m not one of those skinny girls, I can gravity surf with the best of them just by owning my own body – knowing it well enough to know where that pose is. The beauty of a good arm balance – everybody has to approach it slightly differently or they won’t find it in their own shape.

Some of the technical things I learned? I learned a new pose called sparrow which I really liked, and I made a huge connection in my handstand today. Usually in handstand or shoulder stand, the teacher coaches” squeeze your thighs together”, but my thighs are so – um – voluptuous that as strong as I am, it just never seems to work for me. Today, Jay Co was teaching us to actually squeeze our knees together, and once I found the connection of the knee bones in on themselves, it made a huge, huge difference. I started to understand how lolasana works by watching Jay Co and trying to pull my knees to my chest instead of my toosh up high. I could feel it working it’s way into my body. I also was really feeling the transition of down dog to crow, because the teaching cues were so good!

I was like a surfer girl in a candy store today. So glad I just went to class today! it really blissed me out for the flight home.

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