22 Jul

I got this cold bug last week and combined with coming off of vacation, it has knocked me totally off balance in my life! I’ve been a little more tired, a little more grumpy. I told Dan that I was preparing for my monthly yoga parenting class on the topic of patience,  and without skipping a beat he said, “You’re getting a sub, right?

I taught two yoga classes yesterday and taught a series of balancing sequences in both of them. It’s interesting to me that that is all I need, is a little standing balance practice to make me feel better. Figuring out how to root my feet into the earth and liberate my body through space, that’ll fix it all for me apparently. Hitting the mat after travelling, viruses, in-laws and needy children keeps me from teetering over the edge of insanity.

And by the way, I’m loving my new Manduka mat. How did I go so many years without one? Oh yea, too lazy to lug that heavy thing around!, So glad I have an office at the studio to keep it in now!

One Response to “Balance”

  1. seangreenfrog July 23, 2008 at 4:06 am #

    A hot, sweaty yoga session is much more effective at fighting my colds than any amount of cold medicine.

    I hope you have enough yoga to cure your present afflictions.

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