The Dog

27 Jul

We’ve had two newspaper interviews now for Cosmic Dog Yoga: one with the Independent and another with the Contra Costa Times. Both reporters asked, “Why the name Cosmic Dog?” I can only laugh, which hopefully gets the point across. No offense to anyone who owns a “Yoga of – insert-city-here”, but I just couldn’t put heart and soul into a yoga studio that took itself too seriously. That’s just like missing the point to me. Hopefully, when the reporters came calling, I was able to give a more coherent answer! As most of you know though, I just really wanted to yell up the stairs at my husband “see ya later! I’m off to Cosmic Dog”. And it worked! It’s great fun and my kids beg to go play at Cosmic Dog.

As most beloved things in my house though, Cosmic Dog Yoga, shortened quickly to Cosmic Dog, is now affectionately nicknamed “The Dog”. And we must be on to something big, because Suzanna Spring, song-writer, lyrical-talker extraordinaire also refers to her favorite yoga studio as “The Dog”.

Well, the number one question I’m getting from students, friends, family and even internet friends is, “How’s Cosmic Dog doing?” That question is usually accompanied by a look of fear and concern and spoken in almost a whisper as if I’m going to start crying in a moment! I know that question and that look. I really dug deep through that when I considered opening a yoga studio. After Be Well closed, there was no way I wanted in on a yoga studio that might crash and burn. Starting a business in the current market was a scary thing – for about two minutes.

So, here’s the official update on The Dog. Financially, we’re looking just fine, and better than expected. We’ve even survived July, which I predict will be the slowest month of the year. Our article in the Independent really helped and we’ve had new students streaming in this week. I know – we’re in a recession – it’s not the best time to open a new business, but it is yoga after all. When do you need yoga the most?  Truth is, people are finally ready for yoga. They’re ready to open their minds, their bodies and their hearts. It’s a good combination.

Lisa and I did not go into this business to get rich. We are in the business of enriching other people’s lives – that’s where the pay-off is. Sitting on that green couch while students stream out of the big studio is an amazing experience. Everybody looks so blissed out, so zen, so smiley! We’ve had a lot of new students this week and I love watching them integrate into the studio. I’m thankful for my awesome partners, my team of volunteers and employees who take such good care of everyone.

All things considered, especially after watching those blissful faces drip out of class, I’d have to say that The Dog is a huge success. Thank you for your support and keep bringing your friends….

One Response to “The Dog”

  1. I Can See Now July 28, 2008 at 12:14 pm #

    Glad to hear that The Dog 😉 is doing well, you deserve it.

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