24 Aug

There’s nothing cuter than a new baby cow. There are a ton of them on our drive home from Cosmic Dog and the gang and I love watching them toddle around the hills.

Kieran: “Look – Baby cow!”

Drew: (in true female fashion) “aaawwwhhh! Is so cute!”

Me: “it makes me never want to eat a hamburger again.”

Kieran: “Hamburgers are just meat mom. Not cow.”

Me: “We’ve had this conversation before, remember? Hamburger is cow.”

Kieran: “I’m not going to eat hamburgers anymore. What’s that called?”

Me: “A vegetarian. Vegetarians eat no meat. Vegans eat no meat, no eggs, no milk.”

Kieran: “NO milk? I LOVE milk. I don’t want to be that thing you just said, but I do want to be a vegetarian.”

Me: (Trying to not act too excited) “That would be fine if that’s what you want. It’s something you can grow into if it makes you happy. (Nice tone, right? Not too pushy, not too dogmatic?)

Kieran: “If you’d like to be a vegetarian too, you can do it with me.”

Me: “Awesome.”

A great chat right before our parenting group with Rebecca on Vegetarianism and the family. Can’t wait for Tuesday night.

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