Got me

10 Sep

OK now, I promise, this will not become a vegetarian blog. It will not be an overly-sentimental, self-righteous, liberal pet-toting place to come reading. BUT….

I have to say I’m at the point in my practice of ahimsa that I can’t pretend not to be aware of what I’m eating. I found this wonderful vegan blog called Vegan Vice. It’s a great home-spun blog authored by a very dedicated vegan mom who loves good food. Awesome ideas and recipes for families. She had a link to Meet Your Meat. (tricky woman caught me… it didn’t say PETA on it!)

I have a general aversion to PETA because I don’t think the way to raise awareness is to use fear or dramatics or to start a fight. I admire the cause, but I just don’t think you’re a bad person if you eat meat. It’s not that simple.

That said, I’ve been doing a little thinking. Thinking about reading Diet for a New America again. Thinking about doing some deeper research. Thinking about the fear of the animals that ends up in my own body.

So, what’s the harm? I just clicked a simple button – the Meet Your Meat video button and HOLY COW! Let me get my head out of the toilet for a minute. Wow. That’s an eyeful. It’s different to read an article about it, and another thing to see suffering on such a huge scale.

I personally know farmers who raise cows and chickens humanely. My family raised chickens for a while. Those were some happy chickens. Dumb, but happy. Certainly, those cows I love to see on my daily drive are some pretty sweet, happy California cows. The cows and chickens in the video? Not so much. I didn’t even get to pigs – I was out of there after the cow castration and the chicken beak removal.

Maybe I’ll go back and finish watching. Maybe I won’t have to. I will put it on my bookmarks tab to watch a bit before the next BBQ.

Think you can take it? Let me know if you can finish watching this.

One Response to “Got me”

  1. ScottyDoo September 11, 2008 at 12:07 am #

    I’ve seen that video numerous times and it’s shocking for sure. I even showed it to my wife who is not a big fan of meat to begin with, and she was horrified, but not enough to stop eating meat, as was the same for me.

    I have been to some local cattle ranchers and others who raise their own meat and slaughter them and sell the meat. Their practices are nothing like those on the video. With that said however, it makes you wonder where the meat you’re buying in the store comes from. Who knows how those particular animals were treated. I’m sure it wasn’t like royalty.

    I always appreciated how Native Americans would give thanks to the animal that they just killed blessing it for it’s sacrifice for their survival. If you’re going to do it, do it that way. Atleast it’s not just mindless killing.

    PS: I found you saying “HOLY COW” was rather funny given the contents of the video.

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