The Yoga Vote

12 Sep

All of the drama behind the election is creating great fun for me! What an adventure, I’m glad it’s finally exciting. That said, the whole business of politics is fabulous for doing inner work – it really stirs us up, illuminating our fears, our ego, and sheds a very bright light on our attachments.

So thanks, Obama, McCain, PALLIN!!!, and who’s that other guy running for VP? Oh yea, Biden. My inner-work is really coming along nicely. While you’re working so hard, can you please wiggle into your plan a tax break for money spent at the yoga studios? Thanks again.

One Response to “The Yoga Vote”

  1. Lisa Gray September 13, 2008 at 3:11 am #

    Yoga..??!? You’re goin’ to HELL, woman!! 🙂

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