20 Sep

One of my favorite things about Drew is listening to the conversations she animates around her. Her stuffed animals talk, the rocks at the park have names, even the salt and pepper at our house is known to enjoy scintillating conversation. Yesterday while I was making dinner, Boo-dha and Zebra had a little chat. Imagine it in high 4-year old pitch.

Zebra: “Hi Boooo-dah!”

Buddha: “Hi Zebra.”

Zebra: “My name’s not Zebra it’s Boooo-dah.”

Buddha: “OK Zebra Booo-dah”.

Zebra: “Not Zebra Boooo-dah, just Boo-dah!”

Buddha: “OK”

Zebra: “You’re a pretty girl BOOO-DAH!”

Buddha: “Thank you, I am.

There you have it. Buddha is really a girl, and it’s more fun to say BOOOOO-dahhh. I’m just glad she didn’t reenact my last lecture about cleaning up your stuff. It’s never fun to hear yourself through 4-year old chat – Boo-dha talk is much more enjoyable.

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