Meaty subject

30 Sep

Assuming I don’t fall off the wagon tomorrow, I will have made it one month without eating meat. I promised complete honesty and here it is. One day I had the impulse to eat bacon, which we rarely have. It smelled really good, despite the fact that Dan cooked it outside, and I almost ate it a few times by unconsciously reaching for it. Yesterday was Dan’s birthday and I made him spicy carnitas. I had a tiny pang of craving for it, but was easily satisfied with my amazing pomegranate avocado salsa. All in all, honestly, I really didn’t miss the animal flesh. 99% piece of cake. Piece of cake, now that sounds good.

When I spent my year and a half as a vegetarian/vegan in the mid-90’s, we were so poor. Young college kids with a baby. My diet consisted of baked potatoes and brocolli, oatmeal and pasta. We would go out to dinner and I would order rice pilaf. There was no money for good stuff like pineapples, mangos, and avocados.

This time around it’s been much more fun. I’m able to try a much bigger variety of food and realizing that many of the foods have “meaty” qualities to them. If I feel like I need something substantial, then avocado on a salad or in a soup – or even olives have some weight to them. Mozarella cheese, good fresh tomatoes and balsamic are a meal in itself. I branched out and tried quinoa and loved it – it’s a brilliant grain that is much more digestable to me than brown rice. It’s interesting, how removing the meat as the centerpiece of my diet has made veggies and grains much more valuable to me. I’m buying higher quality produce, and actually enjoying it a lot more. I love the couple at the Farmer’s Market who line their crisp apples up from sweet to tart, and the bread vendor who sells wheat bread that actually tastes light. I insist on getting real tomatoes now and have discovered that grapes from the Farmer’s Market are impeccable. Overall, I’m eating much better tasting, much healthier food. Mix in a little chocolate and I’m a happy girl.

5 Responses to “Meaty subject”

  1. greenfrog October 3, 2008 at 4:36 am #

    From what you’ve written, I almost sense a Calvinist self-scrutiny.

    Would it be bad to crave bacon every day but not to eat it because you love pigs more?

  2. treesa October 6, 2008 at 7:57 am #

    Congrats Laurie!

  3. barefootbhakti October 6, 2008 at 8:05 am #

    Greenfrog – by Calvinistic, you mean I’m getting all confessional? It’s not hard at all to walk away from the bacon, just to switch from automatic pilot! And actually, I need to do some more lovingkindness meditation, because I’m not really sure that I love pigs yet. Too many years in rural country. Don’t even get me started on chickens. I know why most farmer’s have no problem eating the meat they raise. Clean that chicken coop and you won’t be a fan of chickens! But – I certainly don’t want to cause them harm. That’s what makes it right effort, right?

    Treesa…. good to hear from you!

  4. seangreenfrog October 7, 2008 at 9:38 am #

    Sorry — didn’t mean to be oblique. In the 16 and 1700s, Calivnist theology was pretty strongly oriented toward the notion of “unconditional election” — that is to say, “predestination.” No matter what you might do or have done in your life, you were either destined by God for heaven or hell, solely according to His already-determined and inscrutable will.

    In pre-revolutionary Colonial America, that doctrine resulted in an unsurpassed intensity of self-scrutiny, typically in the form of journal-keeping. For while God’s will was inalterable, the writings of Paul suggested that the elect of God would naturally show forth the works of God. So even though nothing you did would cause yourself to be saved, you might gain a sense of where you were destined by examining your own life intensely.

    In reading your post, I thought I perceived a similarity between what I took as your “checking in” with your meat preferences — not to change them, but maybe to determine how you were measuring up to some external standard.

    Probably an over-wrought comparison.

    Sorry for the derail.

  5. barefootbhakti October 7, 2008 at 11:24 pm #

    GF – I enjoy a good derail. The fun about the vegetarianism this time, is that I have a very clear idea of why I’m doing this. I really, really, just want to stop causing harm around me, and killing animals for meat is such a huge global cause of that pain. In so many different ways and I just slowly grew to the point that I couldn’t look away anymore. Yes, it was a gradual morphing, but it is now a conscious decision. Even and especially if I don’t care for pigs unless they come in the form of bacon!

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