resist nothing

8 Nov

This morning was a typical Friday morning full of busy-ness. Honestly, mornings are pretty chaotic around here. I was so pleased though, because I left the house on time. I was half-way to school and work when Drew kicked up a fuss in the back seat, crying and sounding pretty panicked. I pulled over and this is what I saw:


One very unhappy, very stuck, very much in pain 4-year old. My first reaction was to get frustrated or panicked. After all, what was that girl doing with the extra seat belt and how in the world did she get her finger that stuck, and why did she have to do it when we had somewhere to be on time and we’re never on time? For some reason, today I just didn’t sweat it. I didn’t resist the situation.

I stopped the car and gave her little finger a tug and she cried. The harder I pulled, the more she cried. that finger wasn’t going anywhere, it was getting swollen and even more stuck and she was worried.  I laughed and she laughed back at me with worried eyes. We went home to get reinforcements. I tugged some more and that chubby little finger wouldn’t budge.  “Call the fire truck Mommy” Drew said. I treated the whole thing like a game or a science project and started looking through the house for possible remedies. After trial and error, we figured out that a combination of ice cubes and – um – a magic secret ingredient worked to slip her finger out of the seat belt in one piece. Drew was a trooper and I can honestly say that it was a nice, peaceful morning, emergency and all.

Right before Tolle’s enlightenment experience, when he was in the depths of suffering he heard a voice say “resist nothing.” Byron Katie’s definition of god is “what is” or “reality”. Learning to resist nothing, to accept every moment as god manifested – regardless of specific definitions – is so freeing. It has helped shape part of my new definition of faith. I have faith that everything that happens is happening for my benefit and the benefit of those around me. That doesn’t mean I won’t try to change things that need to be changed, or that I will stop questioning everything around me, it just means that I can tap into a little piece of zen on a crazy morning. That if I pay enough attention I can avoid wasting all of my energy and have enough to make a difference in the world. That sometimes when I least expect it, I can see through maya and recognize the divine in all her many disguises.

I swear - her daddy must have taught her this yoga mudra.

Now I'm sure her daddy must have taught her this yoga mudra.

4 Responses to “resist nothing”

  1. Brandilyn Haynes November 9, 2008 at 2:20 am #

    drew’s hair is SO CUTE! who knew someone so little could be so stylish?! and a secret ingredient. . .i’m intrigued 🙂

  2. ScottyDoo November 9, 2008 at 2:21 am #

    Here’s a few comments…

    1) Was this “magic ingredient” the one my Mom said I didn’t need to know about until I
    was married?

    2) Drew has definitely got your eyes. I was going back and forth between the first pic and your header image. There’s no doubt.

    3) I love your observation. I find that the times that tend to be the most frustrating for me are when I’m resisting what is. I have a job at work that is overdue. That’s what is. The printer is down for repair and I’m waiting for a part. That’s what is. That guy tailgating me is pissing me off. That’s what is. When I finally stop resisting, and thinking I can somehow alter what is, then I begin to feel the tranquility of my natural state begin to return and suddenly all these things just aren’t that big of deal anymore.

    4) I like the new theme, it’s a nice update!

  3. barefootbhakti November 10, 2008 at 10:37 am #

    Yes – the magic ingredient was exactly that Scott! The slipperiest thing I could find. FYI regular soap and lotion didn’t work!

    Guess what? She got her thumb stuck in the same seat belt today! Little rascal. This time though, I was able to slip it out without the tricks. You should have seen her face – she caught herself in that wheel of samsara…again!

  4. Lisa Gray November 12, 2008 at 12:30 am #

    You might have to just put some “secret ingredient” in the glove box. I could come in handy for all seat belt emergencies, and, um, maybe some other things, too!

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