Tree Pose

6 Dec

The day after Christmas we went to Placerville with my sister’s family to cut down our own tree. We have a vaulted ceiling now, the trees were all $20 and gorgeous, and we got a bit greedy, bringing home a 12 foot tree.

Last night it took Dan and I probably 3 hours to wrap lights on that sucker. The kids feuded their way through decorating it, arguing over who could hang which ornament and where they should place them, and who got to be on the ladder.

‘Tis the season to be dramatic.

And dramatic we’ve been. This morning I was determined to be organized and on time – I have to teach the first class, drop off the kids early for carpool and have my zen going or I’m sunk. I was doing so well, getting lunches made in the kitchen when I heard this:

“That’s my crystal train”

“it’s MINE”

“It doesn’t go there”

“leave me alone”




-silence- (what no mother ever wants to hear)

enter me…

“Shit!” (Mad) What happened? Who did this? Hurry, Brandon get towels, Crap we’re going to be late, the rug! How did this happen?!” (Drew is on the couch, hands over her eyes)

“It wasn’t me”

“I didn’t do anything”

Brandon and I start cleaning and I hear that voice in my head say “chill out” so I start laughing and simultaneously yelling at Brandon who helped me upright the tree, which was now crooked on the stand.

“Shit – we don’t have time for this” (Laughing this time, performing a double apology to Brandon for both yelling at him and swearing.)

We managed to be on time, and even seemed to regain some of our zen by the time we hit the car. The kids learned some new vocabulary and hopefully I haven’t screwed them up beyond repair.

Most of all, I learned that our tree, like many of my students, needs a wall anchor!

2 Responses to “Tree Pose”

  1. seangreenfrog December 7, 2008 at 9:57 pm #

    All trees need a bit of fertilizer.

  2. Jody Weltz December 27, 2008 at 11:01 am #

    Laurie, I love this. It makes you seem more human like most of the rest of us. Yes, colorful language is part of my vocabulary too and you can bet my children haven’t heard the last of it.

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