I resolve!

6 Jan

How are these for Buddhist/Yogi New Year’s resolutions?

1. To speak more clearly.
2. To be more comfortable being uncomfortable.
3. To stay in present – especially with my kids.
4. To take care of myself as well as I take care of others.
5. To master pincha mayarasana – consistently and not just on a whim, wondering how I got hanging out there stable as a rock?
6. To fill every Cosmic Dog class until the place is bursting.
7. Dare I say it? Lose those pesky 10 pounds – which is really going to help my pincha.
8. Gut and get rid of every single piece of clutter in my life that is either non-essential or not beautiful.
9. Organize the garage, file and/or destroy every single piece of paper floating through my space, maintain folded clothes in the kids’ closets, alphabetize my spice rack.
10. Save more than I spend.
11. Finish reading books instead of stopping 50 pages before the end.
12. Finish my year of Vegetarianism, thus reaching my goal and never having another issue with wanting meat. Again. (September)
13. Oh yea – have more fun.
14. And – put a stop to the “wanting mind”.

Ha! The mind is a funny, funny thing – isn’t it?

4 Responses to “I resolve!”

  1. Julie C. January 7, 2009 at 6:49 am #

    I will join you in your resolution to consistently stick pincha mayarasana. it’s an illusive one no? My other three resolutions are:
    Keep my mind truthful – satya
    Speak from a place of peace – shanti
    Hold contentment in my heart – santosha
    Satya, shanti, santosha is also my meditation mantra of late. Hey I think I may have just stumbled upon my next tattoo!

  2. Lisa Gray January 10, 2009 at 5:08 am #

    You guys are funny!! You need a few more months than just a year to do all that, no?? I have one. Meditate. Meditate, meditate, meditate. That’s it.

    although I like the one about filling Cosmic Dog to bursting, so I’ll do that one too!!

  3. Anonymous January 10, 2009 at 5:26 am #

    That is what is so seductive about the wanting mind Lisa – it’s delusional. It thinks it can have everything by Friday! Just thinking about it – getting all of those things done – it’s turning me on!


  1. Be Brave « Barefoot Bhakti - February 3, 2009

    […] my real New Year’s resolutions only become clear to me well into January. Do not confuse my fake New Year’s resolutions with my real ones. Last year it became glaringly obvious that I needed to laugh more, […]

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