Be Brave

3 Feb

It’s interesting to me how my real New Year’s resolutions only become clear to me well into January. Do not confuse my fake New Year’s resolutions with my real ones. Last year it became glaringly obvious that I needed to laugh more, so my resolution was to laugh out loud as much as possible. It was a great year! (Much thanks and acknowledgment to YogaDawg, Shamanic Cheerleaders, my children, George W Bush, SNL, 30 Rock, and my niece Amber who has the best sense of humor of anyone I know.)

This year, emerging as a theme is COURAGE. All around me are opportunities to get out of my comfort zone and do what needs to be done. So for this year, my resolution is to do something brave, something out of my comfort zone (almost) every day. I’m finding it extremely easy to find these opportunities of discomfort, and I’m planning to exercise those muscles of courage until they’re strong and reliable.

Today I’m going to try to move faster. I know that sounds lame, but it’s really big for me the big slowpoke. It makes me uncomfortable. I wonder what courageous/uncomfortable opportunities tomorrow will bring…

2 Responses to “Be Brave”

  1. Otto Mann February 4, 2009 at 7:41 am #

    It sucks if you’re no longer laughing out loud. boo.

  2. Kathleen February 4, 2009 at 12:16 pm #

    Hey – I haven’t checked your blog in months and months and just tonight I did. Serendipity. Thank you for having books to read by the benches in the waiting area. I bring my kids a little early to class and then I get time to have epiphany’s and AHA moments through sifting through things like Living Buddha, Living Christ. So to take from the Foreward which I just read prior to class tonight – “Be more alive – become more alive” by working out of the comfort zone, I think you will be doing just that!

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