What is optional?

10 Apr

I decided it’s time to lose that baby weight once and for all (because my baby is now 4 years old!) and realized that I needed a little help. I’ve lost that fire in my belly and thought Dan over at trivalleywellness.com would be a good personal trainer fit for me. Well, so far he’s great, he knows his stuff, he’s safe and effective. And, even though I’m in relatively good shape and rarely get sore from all of that yoga, he has found muscles I didn’t know I had. Yesterday I was so sore that it was hard to move at all!

So today I was back for my workout. It was all good and when I was deep in focus trying not to DIE, Dan mentioned that I’m stoic and he can’t tell when I’m almost burned out – apparently I’m not complaining enough. (ironic, I know) I was laughing and just trying to remember that SUFFERING IS OPTIONAL!

Can I cling to that thought form? Pain isn’t optional, discomfort isn’t always optional, but suffering IS optional.


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