let it be

21 Apr

Not to be confused with Little Bean.

A good dharma talk can stick with me for quite a while. Today I’m resonating with something Adyashanti said in answer to a question about how to deal with anger. The woman dealing with anger said, “I keep trying to let it go, and it doesn’t seem to be working.” Adya responded quickly (and comically) with “Forget about letting it go! Letting it go is SO over-rated. Let it BE. What you allow to be readily be, then falls away.” He described the attempt to let something go as holding a piece of sticky fly paper. You’re holding on to it and it’s sticking to you and no matter how hard you’re trying to shake it off it stubbornly sticks. He said that when you allow those things that are perceived as negative to BE, the letting it be is what actually allows it to transform. He said, “letting go is the only way to go, because it’s happening anyway. Anything else is insane.”

The interesting part was when he expounded a bit. We’re all sitting there, wondering – OK… but how do we let it be? Adyashanti suggested that we find out what surrender was. When we’ve got that concept – this is surrender – then DO a little less than surrender. From that, I seemed to grasp that it’s not in the effort of surrender at all, but in the awareness of surrender. In my understanding, the minute I effort into surrender, it is no longer surrender!

One Response to “let it be”

  1. melonie April 22, 2009 at 12:11 am #

    truely inspiring and such a rational way to deal with what may be and what will be.

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