whine flu

5 May

I’m always so proud of my students. They really work hard. Crazy hard. And, occasionally I see students make huge commitments to their practice. Like Courtney. It seems like Courtney has been in every single class I’ve taught lately. She’s in class in the morning, class in the evening, and she even takes meditation on Fridays. So, last week I was worried – Tuesday and Wednesdays classes came and went and – no Courtney. Strange, I thought – she must have the swine flu – hope she’s OK. I made a mental note to call Courtney. Then, there she was, back in class on Friday Morning.

“Are you OK? Did you survive the swine flu?” Turns out there’s a different type of pandemic going around Cosmic Dog… Courtney took Kelli’s class Sunday morning, and was so sore she had to take some time off. Wow – so sore she had to take time off? Sounds like Kelli’s on a roll, I totally want to go get my ASS-ana kicked.


Kelli is famous for being the unpredictable, creative teacher. Sometimes that means that even though her classes are  SUPER hard, I don’t always necessarily sweat. So, I woke up this morning at 6am and hit my spin bike for one intense 40 minute session. Then, jumped into Kelli’s Power Latte class. Well, I did sweat! It was simple, it was sweet, it was sweaty, and now all I want is  a nap. Just a little one. A little nap with a little person pre-occupied so I don’t end up with marker on the carpet, or a little naked girl wandering down the street like a neglected little orphan. PLEASE give me 20 minutes to close my eyes.

Wish me luck.

One Response to “whine flu”

  1. courtney May 5, 2009 at 11:03 am #

    lol.. totally got my ass-ana kicked.. but in that feel so good sort of way. Thanks for thinking of me! xo~c

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