26 Jun

In case you find yourself in a similar situation of making bad judgments, let me give you a little advice:

1. Never let the youngest in the family know her father is taking “Da Boys” out to see Tranformers – without her.

2. As a consolation, watching Sleeping Beauty – because she doesn’t get enough “girl influence” – is again,  bad judgment.

3. Sleeping Beauty is not a healthy substitute for the violence she would have otherwise seen in Tranformers with Da Boys. Have you seen that wicked Dragon try to slay the lame prince who doesn’t speak? Scary. (And seriously, what does Aurora/Rose see in that man? Yea, he has a great horse. Drew and I talked a lot about the horse.)

4. You will also have to explain WHY the prince has to kiss the protagonist in order to save her. “But why will that wake her up Mommy?… WHY?” “Well, in real life sweetie, she would set her alarm clock all by herself, right? Then she could go help the Prince find his voice and use his words instead of violently slaying that Dragon, and they could all live happily ever after without bloodshed and ignorance…”

5. Fast forward 7 hours to 3AM. I am spooning with Drew in her bunk bed. “Mommy, when I grow up will I be brave like you so I’m not afraid of that Dragon?”

I am SO sending her with Da Boys next time… no more Princess movies for us.

One Response to “Spooning”

  1. Carrie $ July 28, 2009 at 1:58 pm #

    Not sure I want to really spend my evening hours defending princess movies, but I must say that in most of them, the princess comes from such a dysfunctional upbringing (what with those psycho step-moms or parents who send them off into the woods to be raised by fairies) that ending up with a prince who can sing isn’t such a bad deal. In real life, they might end up pregnant teenagers or the like, seeking the affection they never had as a child, but once a princess, they can at least sue for half the kingdom if things don’t work out.

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