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something better

31 Jul

What could possibly be better than the OmSwing? (I really should get paid for all of these gratuitious OS posts…) I’ll tell ya what could be better —

Yogi Jamie.

Jamie's therapeutic twist

Drew and I worked the front desk at The Dog last night (best job on the planet), and had the joy of flying with Jamie. Jamie teaches the last class of the night. He came out during the closing savasana for a prop and Drew was in the hallway so in she went to do “angel pose” with the class. She came out so happy to be included and I told her “Jamie flies people!” I flew her a bit and then she was too intimidated to fly with Jamie, so I jumped on his feet for a bit of aerial, therapeutic yoga.

OMG. What could be better than the OmSwing? Hanging like a bat while somebody else tractions your body in every direction and gives you thai massage at the same time. Ah, it felt so damn good. I’m afraid I made Jamie late for the airport, but it was definitely worth it.

Stay tune, we’re running a 3-part series on partner, aerial and therapeutic yoga with Jamie in October. Can’t wait!

Here he is in the park with a girl he met 30-seconds before. Jamie used his now-famous pick up line: “Hey, ya wanna fly?” If he uses it on you, trust him and say yes!


The man-child

31 Jul

While I adore little children, I have to admit that I’m one of those people who would love to snuggle the baby, play with the little ones for an hour or two, and then send them home. They are exhausting and demanding and require a lot of skill-set that doesn’t come naturally to me, like eating on time and following a bed time schedule. I’ve always secretly wished that I could give birth to teenagers. Yea, teen agers are the way to go.

Then, over the years I’ve been doubting my teen parenting abilities as I’ve watched my fabulous friends struggle with their own teenagers. Over and over, it seems that teens throw their parents all sorts of surprises and angst and drama.

Brandon is now 14. He towers over me at 5’8″, his voice is deeper than his dad’s now, and he’s in the midst of puberty big time. I keep waiting for the drama and heart-ache and mood swings and obstinance. Maybe it’s yet to come, but as of yet my teenager is just a charming and fun person to be around.

When I found out I was pregnant with a boy I was thrilled and nervous. All I knew of boys (I had all sisters) was what I had heard from other moms: they’re loud, physical, destroy everything, have tempers as teenagers and eat you out of house and home. It’s all a big scare tactic. Brandon is a quiet soul. He has this sweet, amicable personality and is always willing to pitch in and help. He’s a great babysitter and gets the kids to bed better than I do. The friends he brings over are all great kids. He’s wicked smart, so smart that he plays lawyer with me and calmly dismantles all of my rules and regulations. So smart that he sees through the insanity that is public school and refuses to play the game of turning papers in on time and freaking out about projects and tests. If we have drama around these teen years, it’s all in the school work and trying to teach him that it’s important to play this game of “the system”.

What does a sweet, hard-working man-child dream of?   Turns out, he is a bit of a seeker. For Brandon, it’s all about the next laugh, technology and finances. He loves cartoons, comics, you-tube humor, and hilarious animation. He dreams of technology, software and creating things like videos, websites, animation.

I needed help with housekeeping this summer so my solution was to hire someone. I told Brandon that if he could learn to clean as well as a professional, that I would pay him to do it instead. Turns out, Brandon is fabulous with the bathrooms, the mopping and the kitchen cleaning. I’ve loved my clean house, and he’s had something to do when I’m at The Dog. He doesn’t complain, he works hard, and my house is looking pretty good! The best thing? He has been able to work toward a goal:


Nope, it’s not about girls yet – but look at his sexy I-mac G5 that he found for an incredible deal on Craigs List. I think Brandon had as much fun shopping for it as he’s had using it. I’m telling you – it’s great to see a kid follow their passion, work toward a goal and achieve it. And, with all of the hilarious media around him, it’s great to hear him laugh.

So no, don’t believe the hype. Teens are the best – if you don’t have one in your life you really should run out and pick one up for yourself.  Lord knows, it will feel like tomorrow when he’s packing his bags for college. (god wiling) Until then, I’m trying to soak my first born up like a sponge and enjoy every moment.

I still want one

29 Jul

Lisa thinks it will be hard to develop a WHOLE class based on this thing. Something tells me I’ll never get bored with it.

Vacation is over

21 Jul

Dear kind yogis and yoginis,

Uhm. If you haven’t heard, vacation is over. You’re not allowed to travel anymore, and in fact – if you’re out of town, ya really need to come back. Not only is your yoga practice deteriorating as you sip margaritas on the beach, but I really want to pay those Cosmic bills this month. So come on back to town before your practice has regressed back to square one, and bring us a little of this while you’re at it:

…..because when it’s all said and done, we like having extravagances at the studio like, say – uhm, electricity and yoga instructors!

Love and guilt trips,

Your favorite crazy bhakti,



20 Jul

I don’t know why this makes me laugh…

Me: What should we have for dinner?

Kieran: Something healthy.

Drew: Olives!!! I want olives for dinner. Wait… I want bacon. Bacon for dinner.

Reminds me of last week when Drew went to Trader Joe’s with me and insisted on carrying the bacon home with her cradled in her arms like a baby. It’s the only meat she’ll eat and she asks for it all of the time. We don’t make it often, so it’s a huge treat. I think she’d rather have bacon than chocolate. Is she really my child?


A few weeks ago, my body was craving meat. I started eating better and my body still craved meat, my BODY was asking for it. So, a little bit of chicken here and there has made my body much happier for now. It’s interesting to try to listen to intuition and just honor what my body asks for without morality judgments. It definitely feels good to not have to worry SO much about what to serve for dinner to please everybody.

Something healthy with olives. And a small side of bacon for the princess.

I want one

16 Jul


15 Jul

I grew up in an interesting world of paradox. I had 3 sisters, no brothers and one father who adored having all girls. One would think that we would be up to our ears in “girl stuff”. Not so. My mom, being very spiritual in her own right, and having feminist leanings, encouraged us to read, go to college, play in mud piles and constantly boosted our sense of intelligence and encouraged our creative pursuits. There were piano lessons, basoon lessons, string base lessons, violin lessons, dance lessons, a bit of girl scouts, lots of gardening and yard work and my favorite ( probably because they were just for ME) – horse back riding lessons. My mom’s most memorable phrase, and one that really sunk into the fabric of our development was – “it’s what’s inside that counts”, and she was always quick encourage inner development.

I think she was brilliant in this way. I can’t remember her commenting much on our looks. As I grew into a teenager going through those very narcissistic years, it became a bit of a problem. I was a girl with a tremendous self-esteem. I knew who I was, that my possibilities were limitless, that I was smart and talented and capable and independent. But – I didn’t have much self-confidence in how I carried that out in the world. Part of that was, wondering – am I even cute? My big sister and I tended to fill that in for each other. As we got to the end of high school, and past our years of so much in-fighting, we started sharing clothes more (me sharing clothes with my almost-six foot tall sister? Ha!) and complimenting each other and helping each other figure out a bit more self-confidence. Thanks Carrie!

I’m of the belief that ego is important to self-development. Yes, we should know that we are more than our self, our accomplishments, our appearance, etc., but at some point – having a HEALTHY ego is a great tool as we learn to navigate the world.

Yesterday, at scout camp Kieran was SO hot. He’d been growing out his hair “medium” so that he spike it up cool and do fun things with it. Two hours into the hottest day of summer though, and he was begging for a buzz. We came home and zoom – off came piles of hair. He’s been upset ever since. “I’m almost BALD! My friends are going to hate it and make fun of me!” He let me take this picture, and said it could go on the blog as long as I didn’t tell his friends about it. He is wearing a cap to scout camp today.

"I can't believe my mom did this to me."

"I can't believe my mom did this to me."

Ah, there's a smile!

Ah, there's a smile!

Drew was jealous of his baseball cap, and his cowboy hat – which he almost wore. (anything to hide that hair, I guess – even going cowboy) I remembered my box of vintage hats that I inherited from my eccentric and fun-loving aunt Millie. There’s nothing like playing Dress up Drewbie at 7:30 AM. TOO cute:




I realize that you can’t “give” your kids a sense of self-confidence or choose how they see themselves. I can tell Kieran how gorgeous he is til he’s blue in the face and he still is mortified by his adorable buzz cut. Drew is happy with her looks even if she’s running around dirty and naked (her favorite!). As a mom, it’s so interesting to try to strike that balance between teaching the kids about their insides and their outsides. I try to make the outsides about fun and play and creativity, rather than conforming or being proper. We’ll see. One thing I’m confident about? I’m sure to screw the kids up in one way or another. I hope they survive DESPITE their well-meaning mom!

And here I am as a kid, playing in the same hat collection....don't you love my "Heidi" dress?

And here I am as a kid, playing in the same hat collection....don't you love my "Heidi" dress?