meditation on sunscreen

11 Jul

We love the sun at the Gallagher abode. It’s all about the beach, the parks with water features, and the sprinklers. Poor baby girl has that gorgeous pink toned skin. You know the kind that my mother-in-law and my mom have? Both my MIL and my Mom have had skin cancer removed from their face and it isn’t fun so I’ve vowed to protect my kids. I have sunscreen in every form: the spray is killer for the fast pit stop at the park, the coppertone sport and all of it’s generic forms soak in fast and easy. I have oil-free expensive sunscreen for our faces and I even carry the sunscreen glue-stick in my bag for emergencies. None of it though is easy to apply to faces. Drew especially, is sensitive and if I get it too close to her eyes, or don’t rub it in well enough and she goes in water, it will cause her eyes to swell up and she’ll spend the next 24 hours in a rash. I know, TMI, too much (boring) info.

Well, long story shorter, I’ve taught my kids to suck it up and sit still or we don’t go out. The kids have mastered relaxing their faces so that I can rub in that protection adequately. Last week while on vacation at the beach, I was hurrying them out the door, applying sunscreen on hoards of children like a mad-woman, and when I told Drew too sit for her face and relax, she did. How does a proper 4-year old yogini relax for her dreaded sunscreen?….

sunscreen meditation

One Response to “meditation on sunscreen”

  1. Katie July 15, 2009 at 12:49 pm #

    You could publish a book about your mothering experiences with Drew-by…they’re my favorite part of your blog and always make my heart smile. The mother-daughter relationship you share is so sweet. 🙂

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