All things mundane

23 Aug

My bank account is empty after signing up 3 kids for PUBLIC school. The Danville schools are fantabulous thanks to one word: Parents.

I’m determined to keep my life at a yoga-chill pace which is a challenge with 3 kids and 3 different school schedules, one full time job and a husband who leaves for the city at 4:30 AM. What could be better than the To-Do list tattoo? I think it’s time for me to upgrade my planner:

We’re all Kindergarten, all the time around here. Drew is SO excited, and she’s not the only one. Countering her bubbly enthusiasm for kindergarten, is Brandon’s complete lack of emotion for high school. Yep, a freshman and a kindergartener in the same year! Brandon seems to take it all in stride. He got both of his electives of choice: Japanese and robotics. Let’s not share with him that Japanese is a crazy-difficult language to learn. Acknowledging that he would have to put in effort would probably end all of the Japanese fun. I’m planning to learn to make sushi and watch Ni-Hao with Drew so I can keep up!

Do you remember the SNL sketch, “Massive head-wound Harry”? This week, Kieran fell backwards off of a slide, landing on some rocks and learned how head wounds bleed profusely! It took us only 24 hours of drama and pampering him before he would let us tease him about it. Now he enjoys his new nickname: Massive head-wound Kieran.

I’m so close to ending this 14-year stay-home mom era of my life, I can almost taste it. Two more days before I graduate into sanity. Or insanity? I can’t wait to find out.

Yesterday, I worked the front desk at The Dog and left all of the kids with Dan. After a summer of working with kids at my heels, it was like heaven. I felt like the studio is the baby I’ve had to neglect for so long. It was heavenly just to mop the floors, enter data into the computer, answer phone calls and be present. I LOVE the Cosmic Community and can’t wait to be there daily. Sans children. And no, I don’t feel guilty about that because it’s just the truth.

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