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More of the Mundane

24 Sep


The happy view from my new I-phone.

Call it commercialism. Call it blatant distraction from pure mystical awareness. Call it what my hubby does (with disgust) when we’re both relaxing at night next to each other tapping away – “look at us – we’re such yuppies.” Call it whatever you will, but I would like to thank the mystical powers that be for creating a device that has kept me on time, on schedule and on task for almost two weeks now (almost). Any contraption that can pull this hippie-dippy girl’s head out of the clouds and put her feet on the earth must be a divine inspiration. J’ai!

As for me, I will call it the “anti-planner”. I’ve chosen simple, clean apps to keep my life simple and clean. There’s Zenbe, the list maker that spills everything out of my head and onto a list (and can be synced with my hubbies I-phone – even mid trip to Trader Joe’s!), making meditation much more free, the calendar that syncs off of my computer, the alarm – my most used feature – that I set 5 minutes before I have to leave for anywhere and has kept me almost on time, there’s email for emergencies like today when the babysitter couldn’t make it to The Dog tonight, there’s the meditation app that dings every 10 minutes in gong audio for a zen reminder of how long you’ve been sitting and NOT thinking about how long you’ve been sitting. The cream of the crop? There’s even an app to keep the kids occupied during the carpool and commute in zen fashion – it’s a chubby Buddha who laughs when you tickle his belly.

So yea, Satan has finally gotten to me. (hee hee) I have been distracted by modern technology. The world is such a scary place. Be careful, Apple is out to seduce you. You may be next.

(Now look above again? Who can tell me what terrible disease my poor tomatoes have?)



6 Sep

It’s true. Truth is relative. Especially when you’re 4.

Setting the stage: We’ve made pies, and I’m turning Drew and Kieran over with the dough scraps to make tarts. It’s my way of turning them loose to learn mad baking skills without creating a massacre of the pies we’re taking to dinner tonight.

Drew: (high pitched, CUTE voice) Oh!!! I’ve made tarts before! When I was in China.

Me: When were you in China?

Drew: At night.

Me: In your dreams?

Drew: No. At night. When you weren’t looking. (keep in mind she’s been terrified of the dark lately, I’m taking this as a good sign)

Me: Wow.

Drew: Did you know I have super-powers? I’m INVINCIBLE!

Me: That’s super-cool. What does invincible mean?

Drew: I don’t know.