Warning: Extreme cuteness ahead…

1 Dec

When I was growing up, my Dad used to say, “You can have a dad, or you can have a dog.” My dad was pretty sweet, so I never pushed it. We had many cats, I had a horse, chickens, rabbits, and even a pet rat – but no dog. I had never been much of a “dog person”. You know the “dog people”? The people who talk baby talk to their smelly canine and makes excuses for their bad jumpy behavior? The people who think it’s funny when their 100 pound dog is humping your leg? The friend who never wants to go on vacation because it means leaving her dog behind?  Plus, the barking, the poop, the constant neediness that dogs have were qualities that never quite peeked my interest enough to add a dog to the family. I was OK with getting an outdoor dog eventually, but when we bought a house with a small yard, I figured it wasn’t going to work out. A dog is a dog, and their place is outside.

Dan had a samoyed growing up. His uber-cool big cousin gave them the puppy for a Christmas present. They lived in the mountains of Pollock Pines with no fences and lots of open space. That dog, “Nikki”, roamed free and happy. I met her when we dated in high school and she was super sweet. That connection of a boy and his dog is a deep, abiding kind of love.

What does a kid do whose dad won’t let them get a dog? Well, my little sister is trying to get a newfoundland dog, the biggest, drooliest dog possible! As I lent her moral support, and looked at the size of her prospective dog, and her 600 square foot apartment, I started to think that maybe we could do the dog thing! After a lot of research, looking, and planning, we went to Portland last week to pick up our newest family addition.

Meet “Echo”, the real-life Cosmic Puppy:

I know… “Aaaaawwwwhhhh…..” In an effort not to be one of those “dog people”, I researched dog training before we ever picked her up. At nine weeks old, after only one week with us, Echo sleeps quietly in her crate, is picking up house training quickly, and is as sweet as can be. So far, the little genius has mastered great yoga tricks like: sit, down, crawl, come, stay, and place (go to your mat). She needs more coaching on not “treeing” Drew on the couch and being so mouthy with the little ones. She is sweet and travels well in the car. She love going to the yoga studio in the morning and greeting all of the students and their kids. When we do yoga together early in the morning, she does downward-facing dog. It’s as if she was meant just for our family.

What most surprises me about her though, is that she is a perfect barometer of my energy. When I’m stressed out, she’s stressed out. When I’m calm, she’s calm. It’s instant. It takes so much work to care for her, keep her safe, train her, and give her affection. She is so loving and sweet, tipping her head, giving kisses and trying to be obedient. It’s such a great reward, and I’m surprised how much I love it. I am definitely beginning to understand this human-canine connection that so many people love. I think we’ll keep her – just don’t call me a “dog person”!

2 Responses to “Warning: Extreme cuteness ahead…”

  1. Lisa Gray December 2, 2009 at 11:57 am #

    awwww!! She’s adorable!!

    One time I was walking when Ethan was a baby, pushing him in his stroller. I saw a guy with a dog coming toward us and said to Ethan “look, honey, a doggie!!”. We passed the guy, and as they walked off, I heard him say to his dog “Did you see the baby??” That seriously cracked me up — now THAT is a dog person!!!

  2. Michael Carpenter December 3, 2009 at 12:39 pm #

    Congrats on the dog. Have fun!

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