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Smart-Asses Welcome

30 Jan

Today’s weekly post at Doves and Serpents, inspired by one amazing Sanctuary retreat at Cosmic yesterday…


Hoop it up

7 Apr

Sarah is amazing.

I can’t wait to learn to do this at Cosmic and pretend I have no children and no responsibilities. Um – without the fire:

May and June – Intro Class, beginners! Thursday nights or Saturdays.

I guess I’ll start with beginners…


6 Oct

Thank you Karma Club members and teachers for spending Saturday with me and producing such beauty. You really are amazing models. My job really is too much fun…

Dina and Danielle fountain winnerDina flips the dog

Katie blossom crop fadeKatie faded turtleKelli and Jason profile fadeAh! Marcella slays the peacockJason Vasi fadeKelli Marcella Vasi BW CropLaurie Arm Balance FadeSmall Group Child's Pose FadeKelli MasterpieceKelli Peeks under arm Fadekelli portrait 2karen's paschi tight bw

Marcella backbend FadeLesley Eagle FadeMollie flies fadeRick Canon hand to toe BWRick paschi bwSmall Group Child's Pose Fadecircle of love fadeclass triangle close up fadeDonna and Gator Fadegirls train 3 leg up fadegroup forward fold fadeherringbone fade

Big Winner

2 Oct

This month, Kelli offered a free massage to the person who took the most classes at Cosmic Dog. Mary Sweeney won after taking 34 yoga classes in September! She was neck in neck with our friend Darwin who took 33 classes, and Kan was closing in with 31 classes. They showed incredible dedication and were so inspiring!

So inspiring. I looked up the numbers last night and sat there, realizing how many classes 34 are in one month. I love that the students are inspiring me to do more yoga.


10 Mar


I’m delighted that it’s so official. Here’s a shot of Lisa and me getting the keys from our fabulous real estate agent and fellow yogini, Sherry Nigg.

official!keysI was so pleased to hear Lisa say that the demo team was at the site ripping out the horribly ugly ceiling. I’m so impressed that they are already hard at work. I also love the idea of turning something so sad and empty into a beautiful, hip and sacred space. I’ll keep you posted on the transformation.