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Lululemon Love

21 Jul

Haven’t you ever wanted to vent just a little bit about what precisely needs to be different about that tank top to make it perfect, or what needs to be changed on those pants to justify spending big bucks on them? Have you ever had the urge to sit down with a clothing designer and tell them exactly what you wanted from your yoga gear to make your practice all that much more comfortable? Me too.

Last night I was invited to be a part of a small panel of teachers to meet with a representative from the Lululemon Lab, and the managers of Lululemon, Walnut Creek. (Say that 10 times fast!) We met at The Studio, in Danville and chatted about yoga wear. Imagine that, a clothing company that wants to know what we – the yoga practitioners – want to wear and spend our money on, rather than them – the designers – telling us what we want or should want. Love it! I hope I represented y’all well.

First, I must say that The Studio in Danville is simply beautiful. One of my favorite yoginis Julie Conrad teaches there, and is always telling me to check it out. She’s right – it’s an amazing place to practice, and I’m so glad to finally see what all the hype is about. Second, it was great to see old friends, favorite teachers, and meet new yoga peeps in the area. I finally met Greg Riley of The Yoga Fusion tonight, and he is just as delightful as everyone says. Good times.

Thank you, Malia Hill – for hooking me up with fun yoga peeps and Lululemon!


More coming…

19 Dec

Hi all –

I’m hoping 2011 brings much more time for writing here, but in the meantime please check out my Sunday column at Doves and Serpents. This week’s post is about making offerings.

Doves and Serpents

9 Oct

Visit me on Sundays at the new and hip blog, Doves and Serpents. I’m writing and hosting (and taking submissions!) for the Sunday column: Sanctuary: mind, body, soul.
Preparing for the blog has been exciting, and the contributors are amazing and smart and witty. Jump in over there, and don’t hesitate to send me a submission – among other things, we’re going to be chatting about yoga. A lot. Jump on in!

Safe Passage

23 Apr

This week, I went to a meditation class with Corrie Borris. She spoke about healing and facilitated the class through a two-part breathing process. During her talk, she said something that really moved me,

“Do other people have safe passage through your mind?”

That gave me such a good perspective on the power of thought. It’s been transforming my thoughts all day.

Her two-part breathing process was fascinating. I’ve done quite a bit of pranayama before, but never a process like this. It was incredibly insightful. I’ll let y’all know when she’s coming again…

More MoSto

20 Apr

I spent a fun (and long!) evening with 3 amazing friends: John Dehlin, Heather Orson Beal, and Lee White creating a Mormon Stories podcast called, “Raising Children in a Non-traditional LDS Home.” If you look under the dictionary under “non-traditional” Mormon, my picture is right there!

It might be of interest to my Mormon friends, but probably boring for the rest of y’all! Check it out here: Mormon Stories, or on I-tunes under Mormon Stories Podcast.

Check it out.

8 Feb

After a much-too-long hiatus, my friend, John Dehlin restarted his fascinating podcast series: Mormon Stories.  John’s series is the most honest, refreshing and loving look into the rich and fascinating stories that surround Mormonism. He includes the faithful, the disaffected, the intellectuals, and historians (some famous, some not so famous) – there’s literally something for everyone here. If you’ve ever sat in Gospel Doctrine class, scratching you head and saying, “what about….?”, and knew it wasn’t ok to ask, then this is for you.

If you are Mormon and someone you know and love has left the church, his presentation, “Why people leave the LDS church” is an important and thoughtful piece of work.

Yep, it’s on i-tunes.

something better

31 Jul

What could possibly be better than the OmSwing? (I really should get paid for all of these gratuitious OS posts…) I’ll tell ya what could be better —

Yogi Jamie.

Jamie's therapeutic twist

Drew and I worked the front desk at The Dog last night (best job on the planet), and had the joy of flying with Jamie. Jamie teaches the last class of the night. He came out during the closing savasana for a prop and Drew was in the hallway so in she went to do “angel pose” with the class. She came out so happy to be included and I told her “Jamie flies people!” I flew her a bit and then she was too intimidated to fly with Jamie, so I jumped on his feet for a bit of aerial, therapeutic yoga.

OMG. What could be better than the OmSwing? Hanging like a bat while somebody else tractions your body in every direction and gives you thai massage at the same time. Ah, it felt so damn good. I’m afraid I made Jamie late for the airport, but it was definitely worth it.

Stay tune, we’re running a 3-part series on partner, aerial and therapeutic yoga with Jamie in October. Can’t wait!

Here he is in the park with a girl he met 30-seconds before. Jamie used his now-famous pick up line: “Hey, ya wanna fly?” If he uses it on you, trust him and say yes!